how many bobbins?

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Mark Walker, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. curious to know how many bobbins you "casual" (not commercial) tiers have/use, and predominately what kind, ie. ceramic, etc. Brand is not neccesary.
  2. I've got six on my table, and I use ceramic.
  3. I have four ceramics and two non-ceramics that I rarely use.

  4. i have 7. 5 are ceramic and 2 others kind which are for lead and 4 strand floss. mike w
  5. I have six of the metal retractable bobbins that my father in law gave me...can't remember the manufacturer. Something nordic I think. I also have a bunch of other ones. I don't think I have any ceramic, I use what I have or what you'll send me.
  6. I have the one non-ceramic that came with my beginner's fly tying kit and have never seen a reason to upgrade or get more. One seems to do me just fine.
  7. 5 all ceramic..
  8. I have about a dozen , but only four of them get regular use . I use one for wire , another for floss , and I have two Nor-vise bobbins for thread as I`ll sometimes use two different color threads on a single fly .
  9. I am new into fly tying about 2 months now and I was just thinking about this last night. I have 2 at the moment - one is the nor-vise bobbin and it's great now that I'm getting use to it. The other one is from my kit.

    I would like to have a 3rd bobbin immediatly soon and that should do me for a whuile.
  10. I've been tying for a while now, and I have one bobbin. Which begs the question, what are you using the other 4 or 5 for?
  11. Geez I only have two sitting on my desk... never really needed any more than that, and rarely use both...
  12. About 26 total.

    16 of them are the S&M Bobbins I use for different colors of 6/0, 7/0, and 8/0 thread.

    The others are Griffin Ceramics I use for flat-waxed nylon, Uni-Stretch, and Uni-Floss.

    Having all these bobbins just makes life easier when tying because I don't have to change thread spools to change colors, I simply pick up another bobbin.
  13. Approx 6 or 8, a variety of brands, most but not all ceramic, most standard size with a few smaller for small Pearsall's spools. I use them for a wide variety of threads. I wrap all floss (silk) and wire by hand without a bobbin.

    It definitely makes life easier than changing spools all the time.

  14. About a doz each with diffrent colors and sizes of thread.
    Most are not ceramic and one is the SM that I used to hate and almost a few years ago threw out but now love for heavier threads so I am glad I did not get rid of it.
  15. Two Nor-Bobbins and a bout 12 loaded spools for them, Two Wasatch bobbins for Pearsalls tying silk. All ceramic tubes.
  16. 6 tiemco ceramics
  17. 2 standard size Wasatch Bobbins and 2 no names that I use for wire...

    too many bobbins equals clutter in my world.
  18. :eek:
  19. I've been tying for over 20 years, and I have only 3 (non-ceramic). One always has black uni-thread, another always has white uni-thread, and the last one I change out as needed. I concur with ctyazfan that too many = clutter, and I have never been able to justify buying a ceramic bobbin when my old ones work fine...
  20. I have quite a few, some get more use than others, but I also have one for wire, and two for different color chenille. I gotta tell you chenille on a bobbin is very nice. I have one ceramic and looking to get more since I believe one cannot have too many bobbins. If they start to clutter, but them in a drawer or something :)

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