How Many Winter-Run Steelhead???

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  1. iagree, winter steelhead sure give you an appreciation for actually catching what you are after.
  2. 4o days on the op,2 days on the Skagit 3 nats and a dozen hatch.And almost all swingin.I had a tough season after the brats,
  3. To quote Dean Wermer 0.0 :beathead:
  4. I lost a fish on the last day of January. Since then Nothing. I haven't counted the days/ hours. It's quite a few more hours than I would expect for not catching anything. I have some reasons I think that my rate is down, but they aren't important.

    I have not nymphed a bit. Wouldn't count the fish if I did.

    There's a couple weeks left. It's been tough.

    3-0 sox bottom 1,

  5. Most of mine were actually in a boat, and a good majority of those were on gear sidedrifting. A few were on plugs. Only 2 were on a fly and I worked my ass off for those. Hell, spent 4 days on the OP and went 0 for 0 on the fly. But was on the sticks most of the time, but when I fished I fished hard. BUT, the two I caught on the fly I caught on the drift.
  6. All mine were on the dry.

    And the hating begins. I don't give a crap how people catch fish. It all comes down to having a good time out there.

  7. Thank you Chris, I couldn't have said it better myself. :thumb:
  8. Since the 2nd weekend of January I've fished the Sky atleast 10 full days coming up empty, fished the Skagit/Sauk atleast 15 full days coming empty, and then fished the Hoh 7 or 8 full days, the Queets 1 full day, and then the Sol Duc 1 day all coming up empty. All on the swing and mostly floating.

    I caught quite a few dollies and had quite a few takes from what I want to believe are steelhead. I caught a rock on the Sauk that fought like a fish when it was in the current. I also hooked a nice stick on the lower Hoh that fought back pretty good in the current.

    I did have one fish on the Hoh that hit the same fly twice on 2 back to back casts but the hook was broke. I got a 16 footer in February and wasn't totally used to that 85' head yet and must have broke the hook on the gravel bar behind me. I had a couple on and pulling line out or jumping but then somehow or another I lost them. I had one hammer me so hard this weekend on the upper Hoh that it snapped my fly off.

    This winter season has totally sucked for me catching wise...but hey at least I'm able to be out there trying and also my spey casting is going great. I can now cast from either shoulder almost every spey cast with the long belly and I'm getting better at using my left hand up.

  9. Christian,

    There is a whole lot of positive reinforcement there. The S rivers have been tough.

    5-3 A's in the 4th,
  10. Couldn't agree with you any more James. But my personal preference is just that.
  11. I didn't get out much this winter, maybe 6 times total. If the water conditions were good, I couldn't go due to work, if they sucked, I could go! Out of those 6 times, hooked 4 landed 3 but two personal bests: first fish was the earliest winter fish I've ever hooked, a hatchery fish in the EF Lewis one week before Thanksgiving and two others were chrome-bright-stronger-than-shit natives in a local river were I had never hooked up before. Found some new, sweet fly water as well. So, not good numbers but memorable times for sure.

    All on the swing, of course. There's another method? :thumb:

  12. All of these results have been pretty encouraging. I will admit that it is my first winter in the PNW, so I'll definitely chalk this year up to learning and paying my rookie dues. Also wanted to give all of you credit who posted and were honest about not hooking up, I feel your pain.
  13. I went nuts in 05 (0 fish but a crapload of hookups), and then between 06 and 07 only brought 4 fish to hand total for both winter seasons. Then this year, things went well. One year isn't enough to break your cherry, but give it a couple more and you'll start to get used to things...
  14. I am well aware of that, have accepted that fact, but despite the poor success rate that I have enjoyed, I'm still getting out there and fishing 'em hard. It's been a blast!
  15. OK here i go, my best season ever this year, all these numbers are close but not exact, it easy for me to keep track of 5 fish caught but after that there’s no hope :):thumb::rofl:...

    Days fished: about 20

    Fished Hooked: ~35ish

    Fish Lost: ~ more than i wish to remember bawling:

    Fish landed: ~ 20ish :thumb:

    Nymph: ALL

    Transportation: Wading

    Best Day: 5 for 7 with 3 being wild

    Most memorable: Fighting the "shark" as we have dubbed that fish, because of the way it had its pec fins held in like this ^ it looked mad :) . BIG fish in smaller water, conservative estimation at 15lbs. which BLOWS MY MIND. fought it for about 10 min., up stream, down stream, holding in holes and riffles, ended with a absolutely BLISTERING run down stream, rapping my knuckles and fingers and breaking off at the end! IT WAS AWESOME!!!


    **** Yes I did have other people fishing with me that can veryify my story and numbers****
  16. No hating? But wondering how you got any Winter runs to hit a Dry???

    I would like to say I don't give a crap how people catch fish..but that would be a lie...So I won't
  17. Spent too many fishless ours on the sky. Probably spent over 30 days this winter fishing for steelies on the sky. So I decided to hit the clearwater and get er done. I went 1 for 5 on the clearwater. Hooked the biggest steelie of my life. A big ole b-run buck that was well over 15lbs and of course he spit the hook sighhhh. Oh yea I was nymphing on the clearwater and swinging on the sky. One of my best years so far. To next year pounding toads :beer1::beer2:
  18. Nate - NIce numbers dude, are you talking eastside summer run fish in the winter, or true west-side winter runs? either way, nice work.
  19. Spent 6 days in my native home of western WA going after winter steelhead for the first time. Landed the largest steelhead of my life and lost two others on the OP. The buck was on the swing, two fish that were lost came on a nymph set up.

    Don't see why people gotta create some kind of standard for steelhead fishing, but I guess that comes with the territory that is fly fishing anyway. I grew up learning to fly fish dries on spring creeks in Idaho, where some fisherman still won't think to, gasp..., use nymphs. Hell, now and then I will rip fat bunnies and mice through those holy waters when I get tired of protecting 7x tippets during a trico hatch. In the end its just fishing, and I like to use a fly rod, an attitude (good/bad) I picked up during my college career in Montana.

    If you like to swing for em, great, I mean thats what I prefer. In big water, with big flies it is far more effective/efficient (and fun, oh yeah...theres the tug baby) in my opinion, especially if you don't have a boat. But some water begs to be nymphed and isn't great spey water, so I'll toss the beads into the river hoping to see my fuchsia thingamabobber get yanked.

    Don't bicker, just crimp your barbs (always), enjoy the fish, care for the fish and have a good time.
  20. You're obviously fairly new to the board because that response is way too civil for WFF.

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