How much backing with 6wt line on Abel super 4n?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by BRsnow, May 27, 2013.

  1. Was curious if anyone had put a 6wt line on the abel 4n and if there was enough backing. This will be for a trout streamer rod, so I am guessing anything over 50 yards is going to be great. Thanks for the help. BR
  2. I always spool the flyline on the reel then spool on the backing to determine the load. Then unspool and load on the backing and flyline. This will give you the largest diameter of line for faster retrieve if you put a fish on the reel.
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  4. I realize it tells you backing when it comes to 4 and 5 wt lines, I am also aware that abel tends to overstate the capacity. I was curious if anyone has put a 6wt line on the reel and how much backing it held. Thanks for the help though...
  5. I think you might be over-analyzing it. Extrapolating from the 4wt and 5wt capacities in the link, you will likely be able to get about 75 yards of backing on it. If that is overstated, you can cut back 10' off the end of the fly line and get another 50 yards on that way. In any case it's enough for trout fishing.
  6. You can always just use some of the super braid lines and get a lot more backing on smaller reels. I have used 50 and 65# tuff-line on a few reels. the 65# is less likely to cut your hands if you have to use your hands on the backing on a hot large fish. I also have used 80# before. check diameters of both and don't forget the super braids can cut your skin if you go to light or to small of diameter.

    What I don't like doing is having to drop in strength of backing to 20# because most fly lines are stronger than 20# and if something happens with your backing out - well bye-bye fly line!
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