How soon have you fished a rod after applying finish?

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by VancouverFisher, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. What's the soonest you have ever fished a rod after you have applied the finish to the wraps, etc? Please share your experiences - good or bad (this question comes up because I just wrapped a Dan Craft FT4904 and was thinking of putting on one more coat of epoxy this afternoon before tomorrow's outing).
  2. Van, if it's epoxy, I'd be leary of fishing it that soon. Epoxy feels dry to the touch after twenty-four hours, but it takes several days to cure properly. I'd use different rod if it needs another coat.
  3. yeah don't rush it. put on the extra coat, but i'd wait a week to be safe. that's lots of work to risk due to impatience. i think 3 days is the soonest i've ever tried and i had no problems, but i'd wait a week.
  4. Something else, if this is your first rod, don't try to do it with one thick coat. Use two thin coats. Otherwise you will likely have a disaster on your hands. To my mind, epoxy is the toughest part of the process and requires time and practice to perfect. I'm not there yet.
  5. Last summer, I fished a 9150, spey rod around 10 hours after applying the finish to the tip section. Since it was dry to the touch, I wasn't too concerned about it. I hooked and landed a nice 8 pound male SH.

  6. I think it just depends on how your epoxy is setting up. If you do it right it can be rock hard in a few hours, otherwise can take awhile. I've fished rods the next day, no problem. Since you're in Vancouver you should consider checking in with the Clark-Skamania FlyFishers, unlimited resources !!
  7. Since it was my first rod, I decided to hold off and let it cure for a week. Better safe than sorry. Thanks for the info.

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