NFR How the Seattle Seahawks Solved Peyton Manning

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  1. I have to agree with the author. For what ever that is worth.
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  2. It means you're an agreeable kinda guy!

  3. HAHAHAHAHA, Tell my wife.
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  4. That is a good article and pretty much sums up what I thought. The Seahawks trained on how to beat Manning and the Denver offense in this specific game. It looked like Denver's plan was to play they way that got them to the Super Bowl and not alter their game to fit the Seahawks. The Hawks were well prepared to play the Broncos, not just Manning.
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  5. BINGO! Denver's yards after the catch are awesome and Manning is a sniper at short distances. If you neutralize the long ball and prevent any yards after the catch, he's essentially got nothing. And as far as a run game...FUGGITABOUTIT! Seattle planned well and executed even better.
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  6. It looked like Seattle showed up for a Superbowl while Denver was looking for a pre-season rematch.
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  7. Great article. I am amazed that no one else has done this although it does take a special group of players to pull it off.

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  8. People used to say that about the play action pass when it was first introduced. Now everybody uses it.

  9. Spot on Evan. Many folks think that the real Super Bowl was two weeks earlier when Seattle met SF for the NFC Championship game. Now THAT was a hard-fought game, right down to the last meaningful play that thrust Richard Sherman onto the national stage.

  10. Good article. Effective tactics.

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  11. The Pat.'s played a similar defense to Seattle and got torched. The Seahawks had better players on the field though. Additionally they had a lot of good players, especially on d-line where they could rotate through a cadre of skilled lineman, whereas the Pat's 2 d-ends (Jones and Ninkovich) played the most snaps at the position in the NFL.

    The reason for all this is that they pay their QB $600,000 or so. Compare that with 18 mil. or so for Brady against the cap and you can go out and buy Bennett and Avril in hte off-season to pair with Clemons etc. You can go get a sppedy guy to to return kicks and run fly sweeps.

    It wasn't any fantastic or genius coaching decisions, it was being able to pay your QB less that 1 million. He didn't make many plays, never throws on time and sometime seemingly refused actually trow at times, but he didn't turn it over and makes less than the 2nd string tailback. It's a huge advantage.

    Go Sox,
  12. I often downplay my football followings and play the non caring ignoramus in the spirit of self deprecating humor... But I was saying leading up to the championship game that it was going to be the REAL Superbowl by quite a long shot, and that the Superbowl itself would be a near NFC (Hawks or 9ers) blowout of either of the AFC teams that would have made it.

    I need to start putting money on these things :cool:

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  13. Oh.

  14. Pretty simple really. Pressure with the front 4. CBS can play press and the safeties can move up. It's like always playing in the red zone.

    I think eventually manning would have found some spots and put together some drives but after the pick six and kick off return he didn't have time. Snowballed from there.

    How does Seattle keep getting tough teams at home while the Niners travel? Last year it was NO, next year it's Denver. Weak.
  15. I think the author read my pre-Super Bowl comments to a Yahoo article about the game responding to a Denver fan who thought Manning would shred our D all night long.
  16. Charles, did you see the article/interview where Wilson was talking about being restricted to a preset number of throws? It makes a little more sense when you see him scramble and not dump the ball off when you take into account Carrol limits the number of times it goes air born.
  17. When I was in Newark on a work trip last week, every single person I talked to said that Manning was going to torch the Seattle D. Including my coworkers.
  18. I'm confused. So the Seattle win was due to better players? Or was it because they didn't spend $18MM on a quarterback? Or was it because there weren't any fantastic or genius coaching decisions? Or was it because Wilson managed to not turn the ball over despite never throwing on time and being underpaid?

    Your buzzkill kinda sounds like you think they somehow managed to win in spite of themselves. For someone who said he'd be reluctantly rooting for the 'chickens', maybe we'd all be better off if you stuck to supporting your Sox.

  19. I'm sure Pom Pom Pete told Wilson not to throw to open receivers if he'd met his quota of passes for the game. Ya, I'm sure of that.

    I'm sure Pete has no confidence in him. Just like in the NFC Championship when he threw that TD pass on 4th down. I'm sure of that, too.
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