NFR How the Seattle Seahawks Solved Peyton Manning

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  1. kent,

    thanks for the article, but i think the article is a continuation of the grasping at straws by a national media that cannot stop gargling peyton manning's balls.

    i think that the highly vaunted broncos offense was shown to be a fraud. strength of schedule matters when it comes to determining how good something is historically, and the broncos piling up points on terrible defenses was shown to mean nothing against a fast defense that could apply pressure without blitzing and does not miss tackles. an old, slow offense cannot compete against any of the fast defenses in the nfl (the broncos just happened to play none of them).

    they were criticized before the game for thinking they could match up against the broncos without masking their coverages, and once they stomped the broncos doing just that the manning lovers make it seem like they did do something different.
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  2. Charles, while you make a valid point that the Seahawks paying Wilson less than a million is a "steal" and that they'll have to pay him market in a few years, I'm not convinced it will have a huge impact on their ability to find and sign great talent elsewhere. Yes they paid Wilson less than a million this year, but based on the information I found Matt Flynn cost them $4 million against the salary cap even though he was traded to Oakland and Percy Harvin cost them $14 million this year. Neither player got them to the Super Bowl and while Harvin was great last Sunday, I think the Hawks would have won regardless. There's two players which "cost" the Seahawks the equivalent of an elite QB in the NFL - $18M - and they still had the capacity to sign some very impressive free agents. Have hope.
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  3. I've been thinking a lot about Charles' posts yesterday. While I still disagree with his opinion about WIlson's playing style, nonetheless he makes some valid points about how the Seahawks were able to finesse this team precisely because of how little they pay key players like WIlson, Sherman, etc. Turns out Charles isn't alone in his thinking on that score:

  4. I hope for all Seattle fans sake that they continue to draft as well as they have. If they do. it will be a miracle, but miracles do happen. Anyone who's seen me next to my wife will attest to that fact.


    You actually made my point. If they were paying Wilson in additoin to Rice and Harvin then they would not have been able to affford Bennett and Avril.

    This year they are in great shape again. Rice and the Zach Miller come off the books once they cut them. So good for them. They have managed it well so far, but after next year, they will have to make the right decisions far more often and will not be able to afford paying players like Rice and Miller what they did this year.

    Next year should be fun again for you all.

    Go Sox,
  5. I don't really see how anyone can disagree with Charles' assessment regarding the benefits of being able to pay players under market value (who wouldn't want Sage performance at Eagle Claw price??) and it's all over the roster not just QB. The entire secondary was less expensive than Darrelle Revis was. It's not a knock against the Seahawks, it's a testament to drafting well. It's allowed them to splurge at defensive end, trade for Harvin (even if it didn't pay huge dividends this past season) and still be in good shape this year. On top of the likely cuts of Miller and Rice, I wouldn't be surprised if Chris Clemons is let go also.

  6. This year (due to the Harvin deal), they lose a 1st round and a 3rd round pick.... along with a ton of money that will hinder their available "cap" money.
  7. They only lose a 3rd rounder. Minnesota got Seattle's 1st round (and 7th) pick in the last draft.

  8. Huh... Sounds like the talking heads on ESPN need to hit the "refresh" button on their info then. They keep talking as if it's next year.
  9. Russell Wilson is so much better than people think....
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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. You mad bro?
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  12. Blink if you're happy
  13. Nice article.

    As an Eagles fan, please dont give me the business, I had no vested interest in the outcome. From a sports perspective of coaching professionally for 12 years, the game was awe-inspiring for a couple of points...

    the collective are better than the individual. Seattle team mentality crushed it.

    breaking opponents spirit or will to compete renders the game over. Defense, enough said

    ability to focus through setbacks. Penaltys against Seattle meant absolutely nothing to the team, they kept on rolling.

    speed kills and you cant teach it. Hawks are fast, all 3 phases

    consitency is all you can ask. From first to last whistle, Seattle was bringing the complete package the entire game.

    Again good read, the coaches prepared the plan well, but the players pulled off a truly amazing display of dismantling their opponent.
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  14. One thing to consider in a salary cap discussion at this point is that there are PLENTY of extremely talented, extremely rich football players who have never played in, let alone won, a SB. Such players miraculously seem to end up on championship teams with very cap friendly contracts for some reason....
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  15. Bleacher Report's draft analysis in 2012 (grading the worst drafts):

  16. Charles, apologies for chopping up your post, but if he is such a smart guy wouldn't you think he does trust his brain? Part of why he plays so smart is that he stays in the 'System' that Coach Carrol has had for most of his teams...that would be the same coach that had a large hand in drafting most of your 'beloved' Patriots of the early 90's...I'm sure it pains you to be reminded of that...or not! Wilson firmly states that he would love to toss the ball 35-40 times a game, and I and many others firmly believe he would do very well in that type of system. His 'fleeing' as you stated is largely in part to the fact that 3/5 of our O-line is average at best. But unlike most other QB's that leave the pocket, he doesn't make mistakes because he has an incredibly high football IQ. Everyone loves to see a receiver running full speed and with outstretched arms catch a bullet in play in football. But that same play with a ball thrown 3" too far is just another incomplete. His "underthrown" ball to Baldwin was actually a brilliant pass: he's scrambling/running to his right, see's Baldwin keeping the play alive and tosses a perfect lob on the money. He did just what we needed: first down and keep the drive going. Does Wilson have faults, of course he does, he's a second year QB. But not using his 'brain' is the least of them. I'm sure you have a shrine of sorts of Brady in your home, but even Brady made plenty of turnovers his first couple of years, because he wasn't playing smart....this is the same guy that has grown into one of the smartest QB's ever and until Wilson, my favorite! Who wouldn't want to be like Tom??!! I will finish on your myopic version of the cap space in the modern NFL [HINT: listen to John Clayton on Saturday mornings]. The reason we were able to make the great free agent moves this offseason wasn't because of Wilson's paltry salary of 600K, BTW a lot of people work hard most of their lives for that amount. The true reason is that 11 of our 22 starters were drafted 4th round or lower..or spent 2 years busting his ass to make the team as a twice rejected free agent: show your love for our home grown HUSKY who made just an incredible catch on another of Wilson's crappy throws and then made several great moves to get in the end zone....Jermaine Kearse! The modern cap will not allow NFL Dynastys any longer, unless you have a brain trust of Schneider, Carrol and our head scout...can't think of his name right now, but he and Schneider were tutored in the Packers orginization era of the 90's. You want to call it luck, I prefer to call it hard work and intuition. When they make a mistake, it's like so what, just move on. Half of our 'special teams' or those same 4-7 round picks and some will be stars in a year or two. Done right it will be like Don James with the Huskys[yeah, yeah I am a homer] we are going to just RELOAD!
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  17. That Bleachers Report is too funny. It just confirms that the vast majority of the talking heads in Sports Commentary (Print, Radio. TV), whether they played the game or not, are no more gifted than the average drunk guy sitting in the bar stool beside you.
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  18. Unless I'm that drunk guy, in which case that dude knows everything!

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