NFR How the Seattle Seahawks Solved Peyton Manning

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  1. Big, fast, athletic and smart. We all we need, WE ALL WE GOT, we all we need, WE ALL WE GOT. New England should come play in the nfc west( the new black & blue division), see how they fare. They might finish last.
  2. Maybe. But just a few short years ago, they'd have eaten Seattle for lunch. Right now, we've got a far better opponent in SF.

    Be careful what you wish for.

  3. NFC Worst to Best in 5 years = modern day NFC CAP!
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  4. New England has a soft schedule relatively speaking, they play Buffalo, the Jets and Miami twice a year. Make no mistake they are a good team and Belichek is a great coach, but they tend to have an easier schedule.
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  5. nevermind
  6. Carrol had very little say in who the Pat's drafted. Parcells left for that very reason saying that if they wanted him to cook the dinner he should at least be able to buy some of the groceries. This did not change with Carrol. I don't remember who the Pat's drafted those three years, but the 01 championship team had an astouning amount of 1st year Patriots (and also possbily the worst roster of any SB champ.). Bellichek had cleaned house pretty well, similar to how Carrol did it his 1st 2 years. To Carrols defense, following Parcells awas a nearly impossible assignment.

    You guys get awful defensive about your QB. Watch the games. His line isn't nearly as awful as you say. Russell holds on to the ball a long ass time. They give him simple plays to run. He rarely makes plays in the pocket. There is a fine line between protecting the balls and being overcautious. Clearly he's been on the right side of the line, but he is't too far over it. Don't make him out to be Joe Montana.

    The Baldwin pass was a duck. Plain and simple. It was a planned roll out, not a scramble, he had time to set his feet and threw a lob. It worked because Baldwin was wide open.

    I hope Carool / Schneider continue to draft as well as they have for your sake. It would be amazing though as they have drafted at level never seen before.

    Go Sox,
  7. The Chickens won the division at 7-9 3 years ago. Division strength varies greatly and changes quickly. The Jets made a couple AFC tittle games pretty recently. The Pat's also tend to play the more difficult non-div/ non conference games due to always being in the playoffs and ften in the SB. To your point I read they had a relatively easy schedule this year coming up. I don't know exactly how. Buffalo does always suck.

    Go Sox,
  8. I'm a Seahawks fan, and I don't understand the defensiveness surrounding the critique of wilson either. I bet he'd be the first to say he's nowhere near where he wants to be. I think he's good and has the ability to be great, I'm happy he's the 'hawks qb. I also know there are a number of qb's in the nfl who could have won a superbowl on this seahawks team.
  9. I'd be interested in hearing what insight you have regarding him holding the ball too long. I think there are a bunch of professional analysts who need this information brought to their attention. I'd certainly want to know if I was as wrong as they clearly are....assuming your point about Wilson holding the ball too long is based on, you know, fact, and not just what you've determined from your couch.

    Please, provide more detail. Qbs that hold the ball too long generally make lots of turnovers and have sub par completion percentages. Not to mention, they generally don't win Super Bowls either.
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  10. Typical of this forum...questioning someone opinion and not simply taking it at face value = defensive.
  11. Take a look at NFL Turning Point tonight at 7 and repeating at 8PM on NBCSN. It has been one of the best NFL shows this year.

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  12. In the laugher Bleacher Report article on the 2012 draft that golfman posted earlier in this thread, the author wrote,

    "As if the day wasn't bad enough, Seattle selecting Russell Wilson, a QB that doesn't it their offense at all [my emphasis], was by far the worst move of the draft."​

    He then proceeded to give the Hawks a grade of 'F' in the draft.

    Who says that a QB has to fit the team's offense? I think Pete Carroll & John Schneider have demonstrated that they're more than happy to retool a scheme to fit the talent they signed. Sorta like if the round peg doesn't fit the square hole, then it's time to change the shape of the hole. Kinda like thinking out of the box.

    Charles repeatedly points out that Wilson 'holds onto the ball too long'. Too long according to whom? Bill Parcells? Bill Belichek? Charles Sullivan?

    Could it possibly be that Wilson holds onto the ball just the right amount of time according to Pete Carroll? Maybe WIlson is the round peg in the round hole.

    Fact is that Pete Carroll is the Seahawks coach. Not Parcells. Not Belichek. Not Sullivan.

    And since Pete Carroll's team just won the SB, I'd say it's the credibility of the guy who wrote the article that deserves an 'F'.

  13. pete carroll's philosophy is about ball security and getting turnovers. russell wilson holds the ball to long sometimes because pete has drilled it into his head that if he doesn't trust what he's seeing to not throw it causing wilson to hold the ball longer than most qb's.

    I'll bet 49er fans wish kap held onto the ball a little longer sometimes instead of throwing it up for grabs.
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  14. Sure guys, he makes lighning quick decisions and keeps himself from being sacked by getting the ball out quickly and accurately.

    That article is awful. They've had the best couple of drafts footballs ever seen, including the Cowbys drafts with the vikings picks too.

    Go Sox,
  15. The reason we won the superbowl is because we have a far more talented roster by far. Its that plain and simple talent usually wins even in the nfl.

    if we played denver 10 times on a neutral field we would beat them 10 times.
  16. Hahaha! I spent some time on's forum as a troll after the NFC Championship game and the way the 49ers fans were going after Kaepernick was downright ugly.

    Al Davis was right, "Just win, baby!" And may God save you from your fans if you don't.

  17. Charles, i will agree that sometimes russell holds onto the ball to long, but he is taught to extend plays with his legs and let his reicevers do scramble drill.
    Pete carroll has said in several interviews that the seahawks want to be the best scrambling team in the nfl. pete and bevell's offense is a run first and take long shots off play action based offense.
    I've watched coaches film from several games from and usually bevell calls plays with every wr running long developing routes with no outlet routes called even on 3rd and short sometimes causing wilson to hold the ball to long because no one is open or the offensive line can't pass protect long enough to get the routes run.
  18. I go to 49er forums all the time after they lose and get some real good laughs. after we beat them in week 2 they wanted alex smith back.
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  19. Watching it right now. Thanks for the tip.

  20. Hey Charles, you know I have a lot of respect for the New England organization I just couldn't help myself man. I'm still a bit stoked from that niners game( best two teams in da league).

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