How they really plan to do it...

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  1. It's conniving, deceitful, and anti-American... but brilliant at the same time. The AWB is simply the Trojan horse. I am really amazed (and disheartened) that there are those amongst us who cannot grasp where this road leads. Mass ignorance of history is playing a major role. Shoot em if ya got em boys!
  2. Lead ammunition bans or ammunition taxes like in Kalifornia, taxing firearms, rebranding firearms into different categories, demonizing gun owners are whackos, calling NRA or GOA as terrorist organizations, calling law abiding hunters murderes and cowards, Returning combat vets are "potential terrorists", etc etc. combined with record long term unemployment, growing inflation, devaluation of the dollar, a huge national debt, record food stamps, record on disability.

    Interesting time fer sure.
  3. Yeah you better watch out there is a conspiracy behind every tree.
  4. With any luck I'll be dead before I could say "I told you so..."
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  5. I hear they plan to overrun AZ next.
  6. On a brighter note: I read were Magpul was planning on leaving Colorado because of it's gun laws and moving it's company elsewhere. Today I heard the Beretta USA was looking into on doing the same from Maryland. It was reported Beretta employs around 300 people and pay several million dollars a year to the State in taxes. Hit them in the pocketbook and they might just think twice.
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  7. Send them here to Arizona there is an empty manufacturing plant just North of where I live that needs an industrial business in it. This State is "red" enough they will probably never pass any gun restriction laws and the local sheriffs have said that if the feds enact any legislation Arizona is not bound to enforce it by constitution.
  8. These "fees" and other bullshit are the liberals' equivalent of poll taxes, and will be found to be unconstitutional on that basis. Pittman-Robertson taxes are sketchy on this basis also, but since it also applies to fishing tackle and archery gear, it may pass muster. Insurance to exercise your civil right won't fly.

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