how to catch a permit?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by flyrod2, Aug 15, 2005.

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    Loved the post regarding Belize, so I thought I would ask. I am planning a trip to Mexico and really want to catch a permit. I have seen maybe 60 or 70 fish with maybe 30 shots and I am convinced they don't eat flies.

    I have tried slow strip, no strip, total sink & wait, fast strip, drop it in their path and nothing works. Does anyone have any suggestions???? I could hate these fish and spend most of my time on bonefish, but I am obsessed!

    I have caught 2/3 of the slam ( tarpon & bone ) but have still not caught the permit...................

    Please help.

    thanks to all for helping with my love-hate thing and this pescado
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    It's a good thing I haven't had the opportunity to fish for permit, because I have the feeling they are the kind of fish that would ruin me.

    Hopefully someone with actual experience will chime in. In the mean time, everything I've read about permit is they key almost exclusively on crabs. I would assume that would mean a bottom presentation, but some crabs actually swim so who knows? Also, I don't know how important "matching the hatch" is with permit, but most of the crab patterns I've seen aren't what I would call realistic, or even impressionistic for that matter (IMHO).

    Good luck with your addiction. :cool:

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    Lots of great information at for fellow permit heads...

    Subscribe to their newsletter, you'll live vicariously through it like I do viewing the success of others and being shown it can be done!

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    thanks for the tips.......... I will catch a permit. I will catcha permit. I will, I will, I will