How to De-slime tiny dry flies

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Idaho Mike, Mar 15, 2013.

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    As is typical this time of year, I'm doing a lot of trout fishing with small (like #22 and #24) midge dry flies. And I must say, I've been doing pretty well. But with each catch, I change out the fly because it's just slimed and soaked.

    Even though I open my little fly box when I get home to let things air dry out, some of the flies still aren't the same from what I would guess is the fish slime, or whatever, and not back to 'pre catch' condition.

    Does anybody have any tricks, suggestions, other experience in bringing these tiny dries back to prime condition?
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  2. Bob Triggs

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    You might try soaking the flies in a 1 quart bowl of warm water and a half teaspoon of Adolf's Meat Tenderizer. Let them soak for fifteen to thirty minutes, then dump into a wire mesh strainer basket and rinse with warm water thoroughly. Dry the flies on a few sheets of paper towel on a counter top overnight. Some colors may run. Meat tenderizer dissolves the proteins in fish slime.
  3. ak_powder_monkey

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    I don't think I've ever had this problem. I'd say make sure you dry flies right away (stick em in a fly patch) also use foam, deer hair, snowshoe hare foot or cdc in your ties.
  4. Steve Saville

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    You might try one in a small container of rubbing alcohol. Dip it Then set it aside to dry which it should do really quickly. The other thought I had was to change the floatant you use if you use the stuff.
  5. Preston

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    I would suggest that the flies be rinsed before drying. Swish them around in the river/lake then either use a dryer (amadou or a synthetic amadou substitute, a piece of chamois, one of the bead-or-powder chemical dryers or a cotton handkerchief). I usually just stick mine in my hat where they dry in a short while. Before using them again I touch them up with a little floatant if appropriate.
  6. JE

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    Never had that problem. I rinse the fly in the river, blow on it and then repeat a few times. They fluff right up. I use the silicone type floatant.
  7. rainbow

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    When I change my fly's I rinse them in the river and stick them on my patch or hat. I also give's me an idea of what fly's or not working. Getting old suck's so does my memory.