How to email thread?

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    First off, thanks for the update to the forum guys, it looks great! In the previous version of the forum I was able to click on a drop down and email a link to a thread. Where in the new forum can I do this? What am I missing?


  2. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    If you are using Inernet Explorer, click file in the upper left corner, go down 2/3rds in that drop down menu and hover over Send and when that expands to the right, choose Page by email or Link by email. Done!
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    Thanks for the reply Ed. I'm using Firefox, not IE. I know that I can just copy and paste a link into an email, that's what my workaround has been in the mean time. Not sure if I explained it well enough in my previous post.

    Take this thread that I started for example. Let's say I wanted to share this with a friend. Within the WFF forum there were something like Thread Tools or Thread Options, from there, one of the options was to email a direct link to this thread. All the user needed to do was fill in who to send it to.

    Not a big deal, the workaround is obvious but I wanted to see if I had missed something with the new look.
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    Works the same in to File, and hit "Send Link"