How to fish Pass Lake?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by rodeo11, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. Tomorrow I am gonna go to Pass Lake with my new float tube and fish from it for the first time. I have researched previous threads and saw that streamers are the way to go. Is there any other type of flies to use out there? Chironomids? If so how do you fish them?

  2. floating line, strike indicator, a good chunk of leader. Mess around with the depth of the chrono until you get some hits. Good luck:thumb:
  3. Chironomids are fished on a long leader, often 12 to 15 feet. Use a indicator because takes can be subtle. The key is to stay in one spot and use a hand over stripping motion, verrrry slowly. You're trying to imitate the bug rising in the water. They do this by filling their shell with a gas bubble. It might be a little early for real good chironomid fishing but give it a try.

    Check the water temp if you can, if it's real cold still, every fly you use should be stripped slowly.

    In a tube, you're not going to want to go very far, wind can come up and getting back to the parking lot can be a bitch. there are "points" on each side from the lot, try not to go past those.

    Don't forget a report when you get back...:thumb:

  4. Jason, You live in Monroe? If you drive (some other day).. I'll go up there with ya.

  5. Sn easy way to find the depth is to drop a set of clamp down hemostats to your line and drop it, set your strike indicator so your chiromonid is anywhere from 1 to 3 ft above the bottom. Many times, with a small amount of chop, your indicator will actually give your bug a little movement. I have had luck stripping wooly buggers ect, and still fishing w an indicator. depending on the wind conditions, try both =).

    Earl Smith
  6. Backyard
    I do live in Monroe, however I am over at school in Pullman until May. I am here on spring break right now. When I come back at the beginning of May, maybe we could head up there together.
  7. The two most effective methods for Pass are chironomids and streamers. I fish pretty much just streamers. Others have posted good info on chironomid methods. I usually target big fish and I don't like to get up early, so I mostly use sinking or sink-tip lines and go deep. Was there on Wed. hooked into a few nice rainbows, 18"-21". PM me when you are going next time and I'll try and hook up with you. I usually fish mid week.
  8. chronies will work better as the water warms a bit. i think we are a little behind schedule this year. slowly trolling a green wooley this time of year is my favorite in 10-15 feet of water. if you do fish chronies don't forget to anchor up, you don't want any movement. a small weight of some kind will work for a tube anchor, and the only way you can troll in a tube is slowly. there are always fish somewhere around the point on the left.

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