How to make furled leaders?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Thomas Williams, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. I have recently been transitioning into furled leaders for most every fishing application. Someone posted a good how to on twisted leaders. Ive been making and using those and they aren't bad but I would really like to learn how to make furled leaders. Does anyone have a link or knowledge on this? An SBS would be great but any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I've seen the board method. I guess that would probably make the best quality. Seems like a lot of work but if you sit down and crank a bunch out it would be worth it. I'm gonna make some with flouro for spey and streamer fishing as well.

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  4. I use furled leaders 100% for dries and looked into making some. It looks like such a pain in the ass and they last long enough I decided to jus keep paying for them.
  5. I currently buy mine from cutthroatleader and I'm very happy with them. It's so nice just to tie on new tippet and with the dry fly leaders they turn over great. I have especially liked using them fishing my 4wt switch. Turns over beautifully and tight line fishes immediately

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  6. I learned to make my own when I couldn't bear to part with $10.00 for a Bluesky leader. The most helpful link I found was here: how-to-make-a-furled-leader.pdf

    I read that, along with just about every other resource I could find online until I figured it out. It is a lot easier once you start doing it; everything makes a lot of sense. Just start by following what you see, step by step. After you understand what is happening, then you can start playing with the recipe.

    I found some .004" nylon mono thread online and came up with my own recipe, but I use the same basic method everybody else does. Once you have the jig built, actually making the leader takes all of 10 minutes.

    I haven't had too much of a problem using them floating or sinking, even made of nylon. I haven't tried to make one out of flouro because it would be really expensive. The lightest one i have done uses about 50 yards of material.

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