How to (not to) piss off someone steelhead fishing

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by ChrisC, Nov 30, 2009.

  1. Laslow stuck in the shop

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    When swinging flies you usually cast and step down covering the water. The tailout is generally a great place for steelhead to lie. I guess it sounds like we had the pool covered but the pool was only 50 yds in length. . He is the one with the boat so he could have went to the next pool. Maybe I'm wrong??

  2. Ray Member

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    Hell, 50 yards of river is a bit cramped for two people, much less two people and a boat. He crowded you.
  3. bhudda heffe'

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    twas early morning mid april this year, i had gotten the jump on most and had the run to myself on tha sauk. few days previous i landed a nice hen mid way down the run, so i worked that to death, think i even fished it twice. below the tailout, i could see another angler walking up, he caught a spot on the bank below me and waited............he waited,,,,,,,then finally came and asked if he could fish the tailout as the boat guys were to be coming thru in full force any minute now. i obliged, he thanked me, 15 minutes later he was into a fish. i watched him land and release his fish, he then headed back up river to thank me for letting him fish thru. we shaked hands and parted our ways, i think we were filming that day too, and also asked if he didnt mind us filming him as he was a beautiful caster.... on the flip side , was fishing the eastside this summer and had a guy across the river which at the head of the run was maybe 50 feet, i was river right and fishing , he was river left and a few minutes late.... lets just say i had some words for his ass:)