NFR How to watch Seahawks?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Dave Evans, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Why are you stressing out about other folks stressing out?
  2. No, the game was lost by Pete who left 6 points on the field. He could have had two field goals. Great comeback, but this ones on Pete
  3. Perhaps they just need a good lecture on how to live and what they should value.
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  4. To answer the subject of this thread. I think the best way to watch the Seahawks is via reruns.
  5. I've never understood this either. I have a group of friends and acquaintances who get legitmately depressed if their team tanks. Makes absolutely no sense to me. The team's success or failure has zero impact on your day to day life. Sure, I understand to some degree the joy of your team doing well... but to act as if a family member died when they're done is baffling to me.
  6. Teams are an extension of the local community. Lots of people wear their team support on their sleeves.

    Now back to my grieving. The Moses Lake Mudhawks.
  7. Don't worry, I get to do that all the time as their employer!
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  8. If they could of got a couple of field goals in the first half, maybe the out come would of been different.
  9. I think if they would have scored more points, they would have won.
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  10. If they would have gotten the football into the end zone more often, they would have scored more touchdowns.
  11. Totally disagree. If they could have kept the other team from scoring more points, THEN they would have won.
  12. Nope...if they spent more on talent, THEN they would have won.
  13. It's called a salary cap, Krusty. Same reason my boss only pays me what he does...
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  14. The cap is for total team roster, isn't it? Therefore they should have splurged on some quality, but kept roster size down. A deep bench of bozos' doesn't cut it.

    And the boss could pay you more...but he doesn't like you.
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