How's fishing this spring at Pass Lake?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by aaron j, May 3, 2007.

  1. aaron j Member

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    Well, I've been off line regarding fishing for quite awhile now, so it's time to get back into the swing, shake off the rust, straighten out the sinking line and entice some hungry troutskis. I'm going to be wetting my flippers Saturday up at my old favorite hangout, so if anyone has a report, it would be appreciated. Not like it's really necessary at Pass. It is usually pretty reliable and predictable.

    Happiness is a tight line.

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    I think Pass lake has been great this spring(slowed a little last weekend) I have had several 15-20
    fish days. All fish as always caught on chronnies . I will be there sat. morning bright and early
  3. East Fork Active Member

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    I've missed your photos. Glad to see you back.
  4. aaron j Member

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    Thanks for the replies. I'll have to replenish my gallery with some new photos. I gave myself a nice Christmas present--Nikon D80 with a sweet 18-200mm zoom with vibration reduction. No way am I bringing that one on the float tube! Have to stick with my old standby Sony Cybershot 2 megapixel for the fish porn.

    Tomorrow am, my line will be wet once again (and hopefully tight!!)

  5. theworm New Member

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    Right now, it is full of little planters. I think you can go anywhere and catch the same size fish.
  6. chadk Be the guide...

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    I hooked a few monsters this morning, but ended with LDRs and none to hand! Fishing was tough with bites few and far between.

    I think I spotted you Aaron, but you were always on the opposite side as me as we worked our way around.

    Ryan, it was good to meet you.

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    Pass has slowed the last few weeks. I met chadk this weekend, snapped my 5wt in half and still
    managed to catch 7 fish
  8. jabseattle jabs

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    Tightline and I fished for a few hours on Sunday. It was slow for us as well. A lot of planters about.
  9. bobaloo100 New Member

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    I was up Sat. Fished pretty much all day. We started at the weed patch just off the bend. fished real shallow with black chroniminds. i caught about 6 in about an hour. I keep my fly moving (slowly).
    You can almost troll chronimids through the weeds very slow. We decided to go to the north end of the lake. I trolled a Black Beaded Carey Bugger. I hooked 6 fish on the way up. We get there and I end up fishing close to shore just east of the house. And caught 5 or 6 more. One about 20".
    Over all I had a great day. In the next few weeks should be a can't miss. But the water seemed to be very murky. last year there was a lot of Algae in the water. It looks like it may be coming back. So you might want to hurry. But there are a lot of fish in the lake and they are hungry.
    Good luck
  10. Dan Massaro Member

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    I was there sunday as well. Casting sculpins to the shore. Got a ton of follows, some right to the tip, but only one take. A nice 18 inch bow... that schooled me :beathead: .