How's your Fly Shop doing?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Steelie Mike, Nov 18, 2009.

  1. Yesterday I had a depressing conversation with a good friend who owns a fly shop. It is depressing how the economy is doing and how bad fly shops are doing because of it. Two of my favorites have or are about to become seasonal only and the Stewarts and Countrysport in Portland are gone, and Kauffman's is almost at the point of closing another store. This leads me to believe that if we do not start supporting our local stores more, we are going to loose most if not all to not only big box stores, but overall to our economy. I am broke, but can still found a few dollars to spend yesterday in Gorge Fly Shop in Hood River. Please try and support our local fly shop. You can always use a few more flies or tying materials.

    Before long we are going to see Simms and Sage in Walmart because they will not have anywhere else to go. Lets help out brothers in arms out.
  2. How's you Fly Shop doing?

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  3. How's you Fly Shop doing?

    Steelie Mike - can't agree with you more. As someone who just started fly fishing, I've realized how important, at times fragile, this industry is. it seems like fly fishing has such a deep culture but truth be told, not the most mainstream following. Perhaps fly fishermen want to keep it this day. It's tempting to want to order everything from major stores like Cabelas but I've found myself drawn more to my local stores and meeting the folks there. Not because its cheaper but because its really evident that these people are truly passionate about fly fishing.
  4. How's you Fly Shop doing?

    I will always pay more to keep my clubhouse open.....
  5. How's you Fly Shop doing?

    If there was only and "unlike" button!

    God, how does that come up in every conversation!
  6. How's you Fly Shop doing?

    i see what you did there
  7. How's you Fly Shop doing?

    I've been helping a friend who's just learning how to tie flies to gather basic tools and materials. In the past 4-5 days I/we've visited 4 of the Seattle area's remaining shops. In one shop we visited at about 3pm, the sole employee said we were his only customers all day.

    In the fly tying sections of 3 of them, there were nearly as many empty hooks on the wall as there were hooks with materials hanging on them. And many of them only held a single package or bag.

    It's all really quite sad.

  8. How's you Fly Shop doing?

    I am doing my part to keep my local fly shops open but please don't tell my wife. She is busy keeping Zappos in business.

  9. How's you Fly Shop doing?

    I could get my fly tying materials a little cheaper online than at the store down the road, but having a good chat with the owner is worth it. As it is, he may have to close soon as well. I think I am one of the few customers that keep going back.
  10. How's you Fly Shop doing?

    How's my fly shop doing? not sure. can't afford to go there. Hell, haven't been really able to fish either. The economy f'n sucks.
  11. How's you Fly Shop doing?

    The Closing of "The Morning Hatch" in Tacoma really hurt. bawling:
  12. How's you Fly Shop doing?

    It's gone.
  13. How's you Fly Shop doing?

    Well I have to shop at the fly shops in Dillon as the closest big box store is too damn far away to shop. But there is one where I spend most of my bennies at. If I was to go to Butte or Bozeman to shop I would spend in gas what I would pay for in my local shop.

    Besides I get to talk to someone that knows the area where you don't get that at the big box stores.

    So I spend what I can local.
  14. How's you Fly Shop doing?

    Aren't fly shops just the most recent iteration of VCR rentals, tanning salons, frozen yogurt stands, etc? They have proliferated beyond their support base with the inevitable consequences. The pricing model that the industry implemented has been wildly inflationary and is now showing signs of being unsustainable going forward.

    Like many other boutique type of retail outlets specializing in niche merchandise many of them are going to have to close up shop. It won't be the end of fly fishing and perhaps some sanity will return to the cost of equipment. I know it hurts but there are so many hurts associated with this recession that it is hard to comprehend.

    'Disposable income' appears to have been disposed of.

  15. How's you Fly Shop doing?

    I don't know how my local shop, Peninsula Outfitters in Poulsbo, is doing. My new work hours make it tough to get to the shop except on the weekends. I'm often busy enough on the weekends with family or a rare fishing opportunity I just can't get there as much. A simple phone call to see if the owner is working and he'll pick out what I tell him I need, and even stay around a bit late to give me time to get there. A couple of times that ended up with a nice 30 minute chat after he should have been long gone. He has some nice gear in his place, it is not the largest place, but seems to have what I need. If there is something I'm looking for all I have to do is say what I need and he gets it. I made it there today about 15 minutes before closing, it was quiet, but I got the three things I needed to tie some spey samples. I don't know the shops bottom line, but when I can get there and when I have money I don't mind spending some in his place. Thanks for putting up with me Bill! There are other shops, sure, but there are none anywhere near as close buy. I'd have to drive an hour to Gig Harbor Fly Shop, take a 30 minute ferry and drive 20 minutes to reach the Avid Angler, drive about 45 minutes to Port Ludlow, drive an hour and fifteen minutes to Waters West or head to Orvis in Bellevue which normally takes me about two hours. I'm lucky to have all of these options and more, but I'm glad there is one 15 minutes from home.
  16. How's you Fly Shop doing?

    I think it may depend on when you started ffing.I started a little over two years ago so the net as well as local shops have both been involved in my addiction from the beginning.The internet is just a part of doing business now and failing to use it or to use it properly will cost you.
  17. How's you Fly Shop doing?

    Doing what I can do to keep it local! Lucky to have a couple awesome shops in the Valley. If I can't find it here, I will venture to a couple of sweet shops in Spokane.
  18. How's you Fly Shop doing?

    Ok before this gets too far, I'll clarify what Mike was saying. I'm sure if you don't have a shop within easy driving distance you will either use a big box or online shops to find your gear. But however if you have a shop close by, why not patronize it.

    I do all my shopping either in person or online at a local shop, or at least one I know is a shop and not a warehouse. There are many many shops that have jumped onto the online bandwagon. This really is the way of the future. I will be the first to admit that I know jack about setting up a web-store, but shopping from home is very easy in the day of broadband internet. I just take a little extra time to make sure that the online business I'm patronizing is also a brick and morter store.
  19. How's you Fly Shop doing?

    A large dose of clarity is apparent here. Good post Ive.
    I rarely chime in on these threads as I find them a little like a hamster wheel, but I'll add my cheap .02. I have managed three fly shops in my life and have a little experience in this.

    When did it become the responsibility of the customer to keep a shop in business?
    Every other retailer in the country is finding new and creative ways to keep people coming in the door and adding value to their dollar. If a fly shop doesn't do that it's not my fault if it fails.
    When was the last time you went to Home Depot and purchased an item that you KNOW is cheaper at Lowes but you don't want the HD to close, come on?

    My dollar is more valuable to me today than it has ever been and I'll spend it where it brings me the most return, and laying a guilt trip on me to support any one retailer is a sure-fire way to send my business elsewhere.
    And it would surprise me to hear any fly shop owner worth a damn to use that approach.
  20. How's you Fly Shop doing?

    U.S. retailers have indeed had to become especially creative in attracting and retaining customers to keep their doors open. Sadly, fly shops (like skiing, cycling and other niche sport shops) are the victims of not only the economic downturn, but also the rigid MSRP pricing model to which their manufacturers and suppliers force them to adhere.

    Since so much of their inventory is MSRP 'protected', fly shops lack the most important tool in the mainstream retailer's toolbox: the ability to put selected items on sale without penalty by the supplier.

    You're right though in that it's not my responsibility to keep my local shop in business after they made a choice to start a business that mainly offers only controlled price products.


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