How's your summer steelhead season?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Panhandle, Jul 17, 2009.

  1. Fished the upper Klick twice so far, one day in late june one in mid july. First time out in late june decent clarity but no fish, 2nd time in mid July water clarity bad to unfishable, no hook ups although I think steelhead were there, heard of gear guys doing well down low. rather have no hookups than start baiting it to get fish.
  2. I totally agree about the CW, should be pretty terrible this year. Low returns, netting, high water temps, just doesn't sound fun. But then again it beats getting kicked in the balls.
  3. I am pleased to update this tally to 1/3... WOO-hoo
  4. i was there. does that count for something?
  5. What would you say to somebody that got their balls kicked on the Clearwater?
  6. Somehow, not catching fish on the Clearwater, where I have always done good, is not the same as fishing the Sky or Snoqualmie and not catching fish. Not to denigrate our local rivers and their summer fish, but being on the Clearwater in the fall is pretty magical, fish or not. I always look forward to fishing there. When I die, I want my ashes in the Clearwater.

  7. Whoa...stop...hold it. Ease up there with the terminal requests. I've but begun to make sense of a few of the many things you've helped so many with here Leland. I still have to stalk you heavily, convince you to take me under your wing, beg you to show me "how'd you do that...and that...and that". Let us not jump to conclusions of adding the sediment of your soul to the gravel bed of the Clearwater. Now I've got to make a trip there just to see this place. Reading anyone talk so glowingly about any place makes you wonder how it appears through the use of one's own senses.
  8. I rose at least 50 rainbows on skaters with a spey rod this summer, does that count
  9. You don't want to see this place, Ed. It has a stinky ass mill that smells the whole river up of soggy corn flakes. Once you get past that, there is a hwy full of screeming semis running the entire length of the river.... really ruins the steelhead experience. As well, the river is soooo big you can't get your mind wrapped around it. Not to mention you have to cast a minimum of 100 ft per cast just to reach the fish. Oh ya, non-stop jet boat activity just to mix in some more annoyance. Finally, there's an old guy up river that looks like Jerry Garcia. He has a dangerous cottage full of goodies. If you enter, you will leave with sweets, but also with an empty bank account. Does that sound better than the Deschutes? I think not. :ray1:
  10. Hoisting the BS flag Pan...but I know who's door to knock on when I make that impromptu road trip.
  11. BS, but damn funny. Nice description Pan. :)
  12. Well after being on the water 8 days this summer and fishing several rivers, I have just this to show for my efforts :rofl: Hit this guy on the swing early in the summer.

  13. Very nice.. Well done :)
  14. I've been fishing wakers persistently since April here in OR. I fish rivers with only hatchery summer runs most of the time, so I am a bit crazy in the head to fish this way in such stubborn fashion. However, the fish gods have given me a bit of a break lately.
    - on 7/31 a steelhead rolled behind my waker and would not come back,
    - on 8/3 a 12-14lb steelhead smashed my waker, jumped 4 times, made several screaming runs until the hook pulled out,
    - on 8/6 a hen about 27" gulped my waker in a quiet tailout in the evening and I was able to land her and bonked her on the head for the table,
    - today, 8/9, a steelhead went after my waker by leaping across the surface of the run I was fishing and took the waker on her way down, gave a spirited battle and I was able to land her and release her.

    After going several months without any action from steelhead, I am feeling redeemed! Surprisingly, all these encounters were with hatchery steel.

    Grace and Peace,
  15. why would you tell us this...wish it would rain
  16. Rain is a comin'!!!
  17. It hasn't really rained here either, just barely sprinkled, but overcast consistently, which seems to be helping!

  18. 808steelheader, you've got me amped about waking for those hatchery steel. I am going to force myself to do that this morning. I've been hooking a few of those hatchery steels as well, but was finally able to subdue one enough to take a photo.
    Hooking 'em on a 6126 has been fun but landing them has been a challenge for me.


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