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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Todd Burt, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. Todd Burt

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    I swung flies on the Hoh for the past three days from dawn until dusk. The River was fishing really well, and so was I until one of our friends abrutly interupted my day. One long solid pull. (Feeling the tug was worth the whole trip)

    I missed the hook set by attempting to pinch off my running line on the fabric of my fingerless gloves.:beathead::beathead: Yes, I know all you guys are going to call me an idoit for doing such a stupid thing. I would have to agree. What was I thinking?

    Well, my twisted thought process was that my right index finger was getting raw from stripping and casting my running line back for the prior two days. So, I thought would give my finger a break just for a couple of swings. I would serioulsy consider chopping off my right index finger in exchange to have that moment back. I was pretty shooken up about it(heart racing & hands shaking), but composed myself enought to fish effectivly down the run.

    I've been a Spey rodder just over a year and have practice dilligently. I'm still learning a great deal. However, I do feel confident when I'm swinging . I have only caught and landed one 30" hatchery fish on the Snoqualmie swinging a fly.

    Driving the four hours back home I found perspective about my mental error. I had a awesome time and learned a few new things about Steelheading swinging a fly.

    Let the flogging begin.

    PS: The Steel is Reel and so is the Hoh.

  2. docstash

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    I have pinched the line with both wool fingerless and simms and have not had a problem. BUT- over the index finger and under the middle finger and back over the ring finger.
  3. James Waggoner

    James Waggoner Active Member

    One solid long pull... possibly had a dull hook? After a long solid tug usually they will feel steel and be off to the races setting the hook all by them selves. Just a thought, to perhaps make you feel better, but then again if your hook was dull you're probably wondering why you didn't check it from time to time. Sometimes it's just not gonna happen.
  4. Ed Call

    Ed Call Mumbling Moderator Staff Member

    Sounds like an awesome trip. Thanks for sharing and sorry your fingers were raw. That means you were getting after them for three hard days!
  5. Salmo_g

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    The loss of the fish may have been a case of operator error, but I doubt that your gloves were responsible for it. Some fish just won't stay pinned, and that's just the way it is. And then some anglers, in their excitement, hold the line between their finger and the cork grip, or their hand and the grip, and won't let go or ease up when the fish needs to run and take line. Unless this latter case applies to you, I'd just write it off as one of those fish that wasn't solidly hooked in the first place.

    When I'm fishing in cool weather I wear some fleece gloves that I cut the tips off the thumbs and first and second fingers. When I'm making the swing, I hold my line between my thumb and first two fingers - a very sensitive and infinitely adjustable drag.

  6. KerryS

    KerryS Ignored Member

    As Salmo said it might have been user error but perhaps not. Likely not. I wish I knew the reasons for all the fish I have lost. A few I do know. Lost one once because the line had wrap the handle on the reel during the cast without me knowing it. Hooked the fish and was waiting for the Bougle' to start singing which it never did. The rod bucked up and down 'til the fish was off. I looked down at the reel wondering what the hell was wrong to find the line wrap. I now check after every cast to make sure the line is clear. One fish I lost I never saw or even knew for sure what it was. I think it was the hardest hit I ever had. Wham! A screaming reel for a few seconds then nothing. Never really had time to react. That fish was damn near into the backing in a few quick seconds. Still wonder about that fish today and I hooked it over 10 years ago.
  7. chromeseeker

    chromeseeker Where's the Bucket?

    Eight hours total driving time, dusk to dawn fishing for three days for one pull?? That's either a stellar effort or mental hospital commitment stuff, I just don't know which. Painful!

  8. Matthew Gulbranson

    Matthew Gulbranson Resident Swinger

    I have lost too many fish to dull hooks, and am now quite diligent about checking them and giving them a sharpening. If your ever hitting rocks or getting snagged up once in a while it can take a beating on the hook point. That's one of the reasons I like stinger hooks, so I can change out the old dull hooks if they won't take to the file.

    I'm sure you'll remember that pull for a while to come, and that is part of the beauty of it all. I can remember the fish I've lost just as vivid or perhaps even more so than the ones I've landed.
  9. James Waggoner

    James Waggoner Active Member

    The truely huge mistake is the pig tailed tippet, when that one happens you know it's all YOU! Had that one happen to me once will skating a muddler....a quick rip off the reel and then nothing but the tell tail sign of a failed knot, the pig tail curled tippet where the fly used to be. That one still haunts me, as I was tying it on I had a feeling it was going to fail, but since light was fading fast I went with it.
  10. SpeySpaz

    SpeySpaz still an authority on nothing

    don't sweat it Todd.
    just wasn't your turn to hook up.
  11. Todd Burt

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    Eight hours of driving to the OP will never be an issue with me. If I can, I'll drive that strech anytime to swing on the Hoh Yes, painful to come so close, but my trip was worth the effort. I've already been commited to a mental hospital, so I'll modestly claim stellar effort.
  12. Todd Burt

    Todd Burt New Member

    Thanks for the words Spaz. Spa
  13. Todd Burt

    Todd Burt New Member

    Thnanks for the words James.

    Yes indeed, I've had a few knots fail pursuing trout. It hurts.Sometimes you think you can risk the rig for your time running out. I've learned my lesson as well.
  14. Todd Burt

    Todd Burt New Member

    James, I intended this reply to go to SpeySpaz..sorry.
  15. Big Tuna

    Big Tuna Member

    You're either very good or fish rivers the rest of us don't. Three days for one pull fishing for winter steelhead seems pretty reasonable to me. As for the mental institution, probably all winter steelheaders should be committed.
  16. Todd Burt

    Todd Burt New Member

    Thanks for the words SpeySpaz
  17. Todd Burt

    Todd Burt New Member

    Thanks for having my back Big Tuna...I'm still learning much about pursuing Steelhead via the Spey Way. From my perspective, I'm putting a puzzle together and I may never complete it. The allure of chasing Steelhead is what keeps my drive forward.

    BTW-Just for the record I had 2 legitimate Steel grabs, and one more that may have been a Dolly. The first was the day prior at Minnie. I was swinging low and slow into the Steel zone and two quick pulls... attempted to set the hook riverside..headshake..(felt so cool) and he or she was gone.

    I don't feel bad about this grab. I idid everthing correctly in terms of setting the hook....It just didn't set. My hook was out of the junction connector as well. Not sure, but I'm not sweatin that grab.
  18. Todd Burt

    Todd Burt New Member

    Thanks for the words doctash. I had my Simms fingerless gloves on. I was deliberate placing the line on the fabaric, but DID'NT give it a test tug. I pulled the fabaric down over my second joint of index finger. I was attempting to air out my fingers as well and only had my index finger(between the index finger joints-Not a good spot) pinching down on the cork. I've been persistant with pinching/holding the line with my index finger and back over the ring finger, like you mentioned above. Just not on the swing that counted.

    Marching forward.

  19. Charles Sullivan

    Charles Sullivan dreaming through the come down

    A pull there, if your sure it was steel counts as positive reinforcement. Try to recount the things you did correct.

    Check and sharpen your hook.

    Go Sox,
  20. Flyborg

    Flyborg Active Member

    Live and learn! Even the ones we miss are worth it.