Humpty Dumpty Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Loren Jensen, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. I'm a gentleman and won't talk about such things online.
  2. Shit man I don't fuck around...I allready got em' tied.


  3. you are the man
  4. lol you dont kiss and tell?
  5. I know lol

  6. I'll be tying some Dickson-style "Humpy Chaser" flies. Had a day 2 years ago where I quit counting at 40 fish caught on this fly early in the day.
  7. Loren, I'll whip up a bug that will send them screaming! Oh, wait they should be attracted to it, right? Yikes, that's going to be a challenge.
  8. you in scott?
  9. If there's still room for one more I'll tie up some pink and white clouser minnows. Kicked pink ass's last time around on the Stilly
  10. If there's room for one more, I'll tie some pink and white clouser minnows, kicked pink ass with them last time around on the Stilly
  11. you're in
  12. I am gonna tie a flashfly variation of sorts lol
  13. perfect! i like the one in the pic you sent me
  14. brand new vise and head cement jar make that picture for ya lol. i like this fly you tied

  15. Make it about... half that size, and you'll double your catch.
  16. that was tied by camoclad, so listen to the man camo!
  17. If theres one more spot left Im in
  18. i think i will make two more spots. you're in!
  19. I'm in yo.
  20. gotcha down, yo!

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