Humpty Dumpty Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Loren Jensen, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. *SWAP IS FULL*​
  2. Will do Evan. This fly was a prototype of sorts. Just trying to figure out some different materials but I will make it more sparse
  3. now I need to go out and get some size 12's
  4. size 12?!
  5. indeed. 12 maybe 10. havent decided yet. not bigger than 8
  6. this should be sick
  7. Good to see that someone understands what pinks really bite. I think I may even not do mine in pink just to prove a point.
  8. good. i want to fish something unusual. i was thinking for my tequila sunrises, i will tie them size 6 or 8.

  9. Mine where tied on size 6s and they where to big. I might tie mine on 16s lol
  10. yeah i am looking at some size 8's. i want to tie something small now lol
  11. I'm a fan of relatively small stuff too, but I also caught lots of fish on heavily weighted 3" long flies 2 years ago too fellas. I think it matters both which system, and where on that system you're fishing to decide fly size myself.
  12. Sure, bigger flies work. Just not nearly as well from my experience.
  13. We never fished said system together last year, and it's a bit different. Maybe this year? The retreive was the same though.
  14. Interesting. Well hopefully we will get a good assortment of both.
  15. that's what i am hoping for
  16. Im thinking of tying mine on saltwater safe hooks, so they can serve double duty.
    Smaller makes sense...they eat krill and plankton after all
  17. good point
  18. Here's what I am tying for the swap - Shrimp Dart.


    Tying on a size 6... About an inch and a half long.
  19. Mine will be about 1/2" long.
  20. Think I'll kick out a 1970s version of Lady Gaga! Mini-skirt, stilletos, and hi-vis wig.

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