Humpty Dumpty Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Loren Jensen, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. those are sick Baitfish!
  2. We're gonna have to GTG and have some sort of Dan Deacon fish dance off:

  3. I'll be tying a pink charlie. Caught almost all my pinks 2 years ago on them after Sean Beauchamp gave me one to try out.
  4. And I'm a little unclear based on your description on the first post... Are we tying 13 flies... one for each person, or are we doing 2 per person, and its up to us if those two are the same or two different patterns?
  5. 13 at the minumum. it's your choice to tie 26. they can be the same, but different would be great.
  6. got hooks an schlappen today..getting marabou for the flies tomorrow.
  7. I see Evan in a kelly green shirt near center just right of the dance area. Jesse is two dudes away to the right (he's taking a knee) and I'm sure that was Stewart Dee that bounced into the screen wearing some bright yellow and orange getup. Where were the strippers?
  8. Lol good call
  9. Just to show that I wasn't joking on the underwhelming nature of my pink fly of choice; here it is... The pink turd
    View attachment 39776
  10. Ill be doing The Hubert Humpy, which was invented by Preston, here on the board.

    That fly looks good Evan
  11. i want the backdrop, evan
  12. Mine are in the mail. I actually put a bit more effort in to them than I would for one I'd fish myself.
  13. really appreciate it. thanks for the effort, bro!
  14. I'll be bringing mine to Ira's Mid seminar to give to you along with an extra surprise! ssh, don't tell.
  15. ok that should work well!
  16. Finished up mine today- thirteen pink charlies. I'll pm you for shipping info and get them tomorrow or monday.
  17. Shipping mine Monday. And just wanted to bump this so peeps didn't forget the due date is April 2nd, which is next Saturday!
  18. thanks blake, i was just about to bump it. i will pm you my addy.
  19. I need to finish mine up...I will get them done and too loren tommorow...
  20. Yikes, I just remembered I forgot toe tags. When Loren distributes the flies I'll post my recipe so those who might want it will have access.
    It's a very effective pattern.

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