Humpty Dumpty Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Loren Jensen, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. it's all good scott, i will make you name tags. evan forgot too.
  2. would someone explain to me ..if the theme of this swap says...humpty dumpty..assuming it means that fly of history, then why would the flies in this swap be anything other than that style of fly...
    ..second if you don't mind as well..would the host of the swap put up pics of the flies [with the tier's name next to them] for all to see what the members missed out on?

    ..sorry for the questions gents but I'd like to join a future swap but just like to get things cleared up before bouncing in..................AW
  3. Humpty dumpty is referring (however vague it may be) to pink salmon, aka "humpies."
  4. That's asking for quite a bit as I am already pretty busy. We'll see. And please, don't type in italics. Harder to read.
  5. Loren, it's pretty standard to post pics of swap flies. Mine will be in the mail in the morning.
  6. I will be posting pics, but not with everyone's name tag perfectly clear.

    "would the host of the swap put up pics of the flies [with the tier's name next to them] for all to see what the members missed out on?"
  7. Couldn't find the temple dog hair I needed for the clousers that I wanted to tie, so I did a little experimenting and came up with a skating type fly. Might be fun to get them to hit a fly on top.
  8. This is one of my goals this year: get one on a skater!
  9. Holy shit, this could be kick ass. I'm with you guys!

    The Deadline is set for April 2nd, Please try to have them in on time!

  11. Hey Everyone,

    The flies are supposed to be in tomorrow. I was hoping there wouldn't be slackers in this swap, but if you can't do it, just let me know. Try to get them in within a week.

    Thanks guys​
  12. My bad guys, Ive been a real slacker on the vise this week!
    I just finished them up at work (lucky me), gonna get them out now, should be there monday.
    sorry again guys

  13. No worries Blake, I just wanted to try and scare these fellas.
  14. Loren PM me your address, I need to send you a container and some postage so you can send my flies.
  15. Just and update.

    Waiting on 4 guys. Talked to CCW the other night. He's almost done. Gonna PM the other dudes.
  16. Hey guys, sorry for being such a slacker. I got swamped with work over the last week, and now have been sick in bed for a couple days. Flies are tied, but it's not looking like I'm going to make it out to the post office soon. (I just woke up after sleeping 14 hours- this cold or flu or whatever it is is kicking my ass.)

    If you want to continue the swap without me, I'm fine with that. Otherwise it may be a couple more days before I can get out to mail these.
  17. No worries Tracy, we are waiting on 3 other people so we can wait for you!

  18. the fish won't be here for 3 more months. I wouldn't sweat it.
  19. Good point
  20. Did you get mine yet? Thinking I've could have just walked to Wooley and hand delivered them faster.

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