Humpty Dumpty Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Loren Jensen, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. yep, your's are in the pop tart box right?
  2. And without toe tags too, forgot to make those.
  3. It's ok, I have to make some for a few other's too.
  4. Updated first post. Dropping Baitfish and Stillystalker. No reply from PM's and I am swapping the flies Tuesday I believe.

    Just wanting to get this swap out of the way and on to the next.

    Thanks to all who participated. I will try and get pictures up soon.

  5. Swapped the flies tonight, I'll try to ship them out eventually. Everyone got a random extra or two. Please, don't be harsh on me. This is my first time hosting a swap. I think I am doing an alright job though. Thanks to all who participated.

  6. Where are we at with this?
  7. Waiting 'til I get a few more things packaged that I need before I send them out, they are swapped, just waiting. They will be out soon enough. Hopefully end of next week.
  8. Maybe you should get those flies out before you lose them...
  9. I won't lose them.

    Update, gonna buy some packages this week. After that, I'll take them to the post office. Sorry guys for the long wait.
  10. You shouldn't have to do that. For those of you that didn't refresh yourself on how swaps work you should send them in an envelope or box/bag/whatever which the swap flies will be returned in, and as long as we are on the subject, I trust none of you forgot to send money for return shipping either?
  11. Dollar store is my best friend haha. Supposably they have 3 packages for a dollar.
  12. boxes free at the post office. ask for small prioority boxes
  13. Chef, you know too much.
  14. they'll cost a lot more to ship than padded envelopes
  15. I'm getting envelopes without maxi-pads insde. Even better.
  16. Hey Everyone, thanks for being patient with my first swap.​

    The FLIES are SHIPPED!​

    Enjoy, Loren
  17. [​IMG]
  18. jesus christ. hahaha. of course you'd post that.

    oh by the way, your's are the only ones i didn't ship [​IMG]
  19. Here's the pics. I'm too retarded to figure out how to put em' into their own swap page so it would be cool if someone else would sort that out.






    Tracy L.:

    Blake Harmon:

    DJ Jazzy Homebrew:




    Some of my stuff got put away already (pesky wife) so this is the closest pic I have to mine, everyone received one of the flies from the middle 3 trays:
  20. ^ didn't see mine in the picture selection. 3rd from last is Scottflycast, and the clouser is Cold Arkansan

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