Hunting down by the Grande Ronde

Discussion in 'Cast & Blast' started by Matt Hutch, Oct 5, 2010.

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    Hey guys,
    I know I asked a question earlier about hunting around the Spokane area and I don't mean to pester you guys about it but I'm having trouble finding good places to hunt with nothing but a map. I'm gonna go camping down on the Grande Ronde in a couple weeks to do some steelhead fishing and hopefully some hunting. I've been trying to get out at least once a week around here (Spokane) and I've been hunting up north of here in the national forest for the most part. I still haven't seen very many grouse at all and there seems to be no real consistency with where I find them. I've been mostly hiking old logging trails along ridges and mountains. I've been trying to hit areas with a decent amount of timber and food sources if I can find them. I know what the area around the Ronde looks like since I've fished there before, but I'm wondering what kind of habitat I should be targeting. I'll be hunting whatever upland game is around the area so I figured probably grouse and chukar. I can find places to hunt by looking at the map but I just don't know if I'm hunting in the right places or pissing in the wind. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    just be sure to knock on the door before you hop on the lands down there...most all are private. I've seen a few chuckars this fall...good signs but overall numbers are low. Hike the side hills and dont be surprised when they have you climbing for 30 minutes only to have them fly down the other side of the ridges when you think you're on them. I hate chuckars, they are devil's spawn in avian form....
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    If you go camp at the Schumacher access, there is quite a bit of land east of the camping area that is public land. We have found chukar, huns and quail in that area. Rick
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    Also, there are a lot of farms from Pomeroy to Clarkston with the yellow hunting by permission signs. Give some of them a call and you should get access to hunt on that land-mostly pheasants in that area. Rick
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    Check out the WDFW site, look for Asotin Wildlife Area- I've never actually been there, but it's supposed to have decent quail and chukar, amongs't other things. Not right on the Ronde, but near the route there.
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    Matt, I was on the Grand Ronde for mule deer last season and the chukars were thick. We saw hundreds over a 3 day period. Two hotspots: 1. Go to the bottom of Schumaker Grade, head down stream and you'll see Hackberry Gulch. 2. cross the river (you can wade it) just down stream from Schumaker grade and you'll be in the Joseph Wildlife area. There were tons of chukar in the canyons on the south side of the river. Just be very careful to stay on public land on the south side of the river as the adjacent land owner is not a very friendly guy.

    regards and good luck !!