Hunting For Snakes

Discussion in 'Cast & Blast' started by Nick Riggs, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. The only one I've seen in my 38 years in WA was in the Colockum about two years ago while grouse hunting. It was sunning itself to get rid of cold from the frosty night. I almost stepped on it but it was slow moving due to the coolness. It was about 3 1/2 feet long and I shot it's head off with 20 ga #6s. I didn't want it to bite the dog.
  2. Rattlesnake isn't bad -- it tastes like chicken as much as frog or alligator tastes like chicken. The only rattler I've had is the AZ western diamondback variety (same species as eastern WA, but a little bigger due to nearly year-round growth), and lightly breaded with corn meal and deep-fried in chunks -- quite good (and the same way I've had both alligator and croc). It seems ridiculous to kill a snake with a firearm though -- I mean come on, a gun for a snake?... Many generations of Sonoran-dwelling AZ cowboys have killed many the rattlesnake with a stick while their peacemakers stayed securely on their hips... The one thing that really needs to be said, and this isn't just a wives' tale, is to make sure the snake doesn't bit itself. An injured or extremely aggressive rattlesnake will sometimes turn and bite itself, and inject venom into its own body. Make sure when you do kill the snake it doesn't do this... Also, at a rattler fry last fall in Sasabe, AZ, while the local cowboys watched us fry up rattlesnake, one of them turned and asked me why I would ever eat snake -- "snakes are for hungry people" was all he had to say...
  3. Why go out into the desert, risking sunburn and possible tick infection? Just hop on a shuttle to Seatac... Cause there's SNAKES on the mutha f*ckin Planes!

  4. He's got a heelluvaa 'LONG BLACK SNAKE MOAN' there!
  5. Ha Ha Ha...did anyone see that movie? I never did see it since I thought that the plot looked pretty bad.

    That is one hell of a Alabama Blacksnake and all I have to say is "Too Bouku"

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