Hunting on your own property?

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  1. I grew up in Ohio, and back there you could hunt on your own property w/o a license. Is the same true for Washington?
  2. Definitely not. I think you can shoot coyotes if they're threatening livestock, but that's about it.
  3. All wildlife is owned by the State. You can hunt on your property, but have to do it within the DFW rules. Lots of folks here on the Island shoot deer out of their yard, but to do it legally it has to be in season and have a tag. If you live in "incorporated areas" (like cities) there may be local shooting restrictions as well.
  4. Some of the larger ranches in Eastern WA have made special arrangements for "Special Seasons" but you still have to hunt with a license and obey state hunting rules.
  5. To shoot anything any where other than targets, you need a lic. and tags if required.
    Ya don't wanna get caught shooting the kings deer without lic. and tags
  6. You mean "Queen" don't you?
  7. Have you seen "her" Face!
  8. Yeah, Planet of the Apes comes to mind...
  9. More like the "Grinch"
  10. I'm glad I wasn't drinking coffee right now.
    King, queen, ape, grinch.
    And if ya don't pay yer property tax the land ain't yours either.
  11. Politics is the land of ugly people. It's not like the dems have a lock on that sort of thing.
  12. Josh...that I believe is the one and only topic that they are bipartisan!

    In my mind the first clone acknowledgments belong to Disney for successfully cloning Elmer Fud and naming him Ross Perot.

    I kept the topic in hunting Elmer is the most famous of all! :clown:
  13. Wow! From turkeys, to deer, to apes... I love this board. Thanks to all for the info.
  14. There's been a small flock of about 35 or 40 Canadian honkers camping out about 50 yards from my back porch for the last 4 days. I can hear 'em talking right now thru my cracked open window. They are in a cranberry field (bog) and don't even get spooked by the farm workers out there until they get within about 70 yards of 'em. They move around some. Sometimes they come to within less than 50 feet away. If I was good, I could have hid in the bushes and nailed one with a rock the other day, except my throwing (casting) arm is tweeked and sore, I have no hunting license, and the farmer doesn't allow hunting in his cranberry bog.
    Damn birds know they're safe.
  15. ....Did all my waterfowl hunting in an abandoned cranberry bog back in was that some good hunting!
  16. The camera is very kind to Queen G . . . in real life, she makes me look good & THAT takes some doing . . .the Doc picked me up by the feet when I was born, took one look at me, then slapped my Mother . . . .
  17. :rofl::rofl::rofl:
    OK that was fair.

    Those geese are now only 50 feet from my living room. I thought they were finished resting and had taken off with yesterday's tailwinds, but now they are only just on the other side of the drainage ditch. I could probably knock one off from my back porch with a head shot from my pellet gun (open sights). But that ain't cricket.:beer1:

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