Hunting Reds in Everglades National Park

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  1. I recently returned from an awesome week in Key Largo, took the opportunity to go out with a guide for a couple of days of backcountry fishing for reds in the flats.

    I've never done that kind of fishing before, all sight casting to fish. It's different, and I wouldn't say it took me long to get the idea, I'd just say that I'm not a particularly accurate caster. I told my guide ahead of time that he would need to have a lot of patience with me, and he did.

    He put me on fish, and I screwed most of them up. I had a knack for landing flies and line right over the top of the fish, or I'd be 20' away. But hell, when it worked and I could make a proper cast, it was awesome! What a sight to see those big fish gobble a fly and then take off.

    I managed to land a few and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Can't wait to get back and do it again.

    Saw quite a few large snook as well, even managed to have one take a fly, only to get way too excited and yank it out of it's mouth with what my guide described as 'an excellent NW trout hook set.' Also got a small speckled trout and caught a few small barracuda from the dock where I was staying.

    Other sightings included some bottle nose dolphins chasing schools of mullet, quite a few manatees and some large sting rays. I also rented a kayak and paddled myself around John Pennekamp State Park, where I saw a nice tarpon cruising through the mangroves and a green sea turtle swam along beside me for a while.

    IMG_0104.JPG IMG_0087.JPG IMG_0089.JPG IMG_0107.jpg IMG_0098.jpg IMG_0066.JPG
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  2. Sweet! Reds are high on my list!
  3. Did you get to see the dolphin making mud nets to trap the mullet and then pick them out of the air when the mullet try to jump the mud net? Very cool and a trick that only the dolphin in Florida Bay have learned to do.

    Good thing you didn't hook that snook or you probably wouldn't have wanted to fish for redfish anymore. :)

  4. I did get to see the dolphins making mud nets. On the first day out, it was a single dolphin. Second time out, there were 3 working together. Very cool to watch.

    As for the snook, the one I missed was a shame, since it was a fish I spotted before my guide did, I put the fly 'almost' in the right spot and was able to mend it onto the right spot for a take. All of that took place less than 20' from the boat, and it was cool to watch it all happen. Except for the part where I yanked the fly out of it's mouth.
    There was one the 2nd day out that was real big, I could tell by the way my guide was getting excited and kinda hopping around on the pole platform. I think he might have wanted me to catch it more than I wanted to catch it. Anyhow, I dropped the fly on that big fellas head and he took off into the mangroves.

    Lucky for me, I got into a big one last year while vacationing on Sanibel Island, so I got a taste of what that is like.
    IMG_0587.jpg I was by myself and could barely manage a phone pic.
  5. i am defiently adding a reds trip or bonefish trip at sometime in my life, Something about sight fishing and getting my bronze on and showing off my pipes in the sun sounds appealing
  6. Nice report! I'm looking forward to my redfish trip in the New Orleans area in December.
  7. Key Largo Redfish, love it. Didn't use to find them up there but no they're quite common. Reds and snook, best fishing in the USA imho.
  8. great pics man, congrats

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