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  1. Nice picture......but as a professional Forester.

    That tree next to the fire ring can significantly shorten your life.

    Looks like there are several others that make your wall tent a target rich environment.

    I am just paranoid....I camp with other Foresters and once during a wind storm I was sleeping they left the tent trailer underneath the cottonwoods and crawled into the boat. They didn't want to wake me!!!

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  2. You are absolutely right! I have refused to return to this camp until all those "widow makers" are turned into firewood. When the wind started howling I kept thinking "is today the day?"

    Good job of pointing those things out, Vladimir.

  3. Wow thanks for the pictures. Nice looking setup.

  4. No I was non union. Small company but I was well taken care of.
  5. Right On . Jason Grove Inside wireman local # 46
  6. Awesome!
  7. If you are going to the Puyallup show, talk to the guy at Bravo tents. They might a nice tent and he will answer any questions. There is even a seminar on extreme weather tent camping.
  8. If you want to purchase something at a sportsman show, always do so on the last day. They are always more apt to negotiate on the last day because they don't want to pack that inventory back home.
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  9. Went and checked out the tents at the show for a future buy. At one of them the guy was a complete asshole. I didnt even talk about the cost or anything and he treated me like I didnt have money. The second was seemed way overpriced. Didnt talk to him because he was busy talking with a customer for like 20 min. I have a feeling this guy will lower his price though quite a bit buy Sunday. I was impressed with both tents though.

    What do you guys prefer. Stove jack out the side or top? Side to me seems like it might be better.
  10. I've done it both ways and now prefer the top for these reasons.
    -- there will always be some tiny embers coming out the chimney. The greater distance from the top of the chimney to the ground gives them more time to go out.
    -- I stack extra firewood behind my stove to dry it and also to provide a platform for drying boots, socks, gloves, etc. A side jack eliminates that space in the wall tent.

  11. What do you guys use for light in your tents? Is a lantern ok or dangerous? Do you just leave the door opened?
  12. We use Coleman lanterns.

    Wall tents are anything but air tight. I'm also using at least one 2 or 3 burner propane stoves. At the ridge there's a hole for the ridge pole. That alone will vent most fumes and gases.

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  13. Here she is. 14x16. $800 for the tent and another $130 for the EMT. Put it up by myself in about 30 min. Have some minor tweaking to do.I was in a hurry due to running out of light. Still need to get a stove which I wish I got at the show also. Throughout the week I will be mocking the inside up with a kitchen and sleeping area to prep for the OP in a few weeks. May even cook a dinner in it with a stove to test her out. Can't wait!!

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  14. Great looking tent!

    Two things you may want to do.

    1. With the tent off but the frame still standing, color code the EMT connections to the angles. It'll make setting it up much easier next time.

    2. With the tent up, spray it with a water sealer.

  15. Thanks Trapper. Yesterday before I put it up I took three different colors of electrical tape I.D. the conduit. Then marked the diagram sheet with the colors. I am looking into something now that im gonna spray it with

  16. How much more would a door option have been?;)
    Seriously, nice looking tent at a good price. What brand, model and options did you end up going with?
    I've been kicking the idea around myself and appreciate your questions and the answers.
  17. Damnit! I already burnt a 4inch hole In it
  18. Its from Davis tent and awning. Great deal but am kinda concerned how easily a ember put a 4" hole in it
  19. Well, Davis may sell you a patch for cheap, or at least have repair advice.

    If not I'd visit just North of Greenlake on 99. They sell Nikwax waterproofing agent (I'm assuming they'll have something for you, though I'd PM Trapper B. and follow his advice on waterproofing before I spent my money)

    but they'll also have duck material (Davis uses a 10oz. I believe) or Cordura for you to repair with. I'd search out a remnant piece, which they nearly always have, so I didn't have to buy a 1/4 yard at a shot.

    That an Awl, and a spool of appropriate thread, and you'll be able to repair that yourself. There' will be directions on the awl package as to what/how you should stitch.
  20. A 4" hole from an ember. Wow, that's unusual. How far above your tent is the top of the chimney? It should be at least 6 feet. What are you using to start your stove? Can you post a few photos of the stove and chimney inside the tent and then the chimney outside the tent?

    If you get some extra canvas, there are a number of glues out there that work well with canvas. Just patch it like you would your waders.


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