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  1. It is a 8' stove pipe so I would say it is about 6 feet. I was using cardboard along with some very dry and thin lath type wood stuff. I have a a feeling it was a the paper though. Will post pics when I get home from work.
  2. Kyle,
    Really sorry to hear about your mishap.
    I guess from the glass half full side it's better that it happened now rather than while you were sleeping in the tent.
    Years ago, I had a white gas lantern hung in a canvas tent that flamed out. I got it outside without burning the tent down
    but definitely some tense moments that I'll never forget as I had my wife and 2 kids in there asleep.

    I really like the idea of a wood stove in a tent but would definitely want everything set up right, inside clearance to the wall,
    floor, and other combustibles, chimney height and stabilization in wind, chimney spark arrestor/cap, etc.
    As Trapper said a few pics of your setup would help.

    Best of luck, I'm sure you'll get years of enjoyment out of it.
  3. I was going to ask about paper. Sounds like the cardboard was likely the culprit as it
    can float in the air glowing a long time.
  4. When I first saw the thread, I figured it was a tent for backpacking into the High hunt. Boy, was I wrong! I'd really love a wall tent, but not on my back. Besides, it's nice to have one that will do double duty as a tent I can hunt out of, and something for general backpacking. And since I'm now able to return to some low-altitude mountaineering (Rainier, for example), I also needed a tent that'll withstand some serious wind and snow. We've settled on Hilleberg, a Nammatj3, and probably an Akto single. I can use the Akto for the high hunt.
  5. I'd have to see a photo or get some specific measurements, but 8' total sounds like it should be tall enough. It would depend on how far off the ground your stove sets.

    This stove sets up pretty high, but I've seen plenty of stoves that sit almost on the ground.

    You may also want to put a chimney cap on it of some sort. The mesh ones work well, but if you burn a lot of wet or partly seasoned wood, they clog up pretty quickly.

    There's some pretty good fire retardant out there to treat canvas. If you have a pump up style weed sprayer you can set up the tent and put a couple of coats on the tent near the stove jack and where you end up putting your cooking stove.

  6. Here it is as it sits today. Getting it mocked up for the trip in a few weeks. After having a fire in it today with strictly wood I do not see any burn issues anymore.
  7. Hey trapper you got any simple dinner recipes or ideas in a dutch oven. One night I will be doing a homemade chili with cornbread layered on top. So far that is really I I have made in it.
  8. Kyle, depends on what you want to make. There are TONS of easy meals. I'm assuming you want one pot meals?
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  9. All I have is one Dutch oven so it would have to be one pot meals

  10. What size DO are you using, a 12"? a 12" is the same as a 13x9 pan at home. Any recipe you do at home in one translates into a DO. Do a casserole (like tater tot, tortilla, etc). Pretty simple.
  11. BTW. Are you trying to cut prep way down? Can give you some easy cheats on that. Since I spend all day on the water, I try to keep as much preprepped as I can.
  12. Here's an easy - "entire meal in one pot" recipe.

    Buffalo Blanket
    2 lbs burger and/or pork sausage
    1 Onion
    3 Cans green beans, drained
    3 cans cream of mushroom soup
    4C mashed potatoes
    2C grated cheddar or Colby/jack cheese

    Sautee onion, then add burger and brown. Salt, pepper, seasoned to taste. Spread on bottom of 12” standard Dutch Oven. Layer green beans. Layer cream of mushroom soup. Layer mashed potatoes. Layer cheese.
    Bake with 10 under and 15 on top for 40 – 50 minutes.
  13. I don't think prep will be an issue. I will make the stuff monday night before u leave.

  14. 12. Good idea! I will do a tater tot casserole.

  15. Trapper, thanks I will definitely try this out one night!
  16. Already got another small paper. After that I went and bought a cap and pit a screen in it. Notcied a red hot coal sitting on the canvas. Luckily it was wet. Dont understand be the coal was bigger then the screen. I think im going to have a stove jack sewn on the side so I don't have to deal with this.
  17. BTW, I may be selling a few dutch ovens. If you're interested I'll put a couple aside for you and even give you a free lesson or two.
  18. That is very strange. I've had wall tents for many, many, years and not had the problems you have with ember holes. All my wall tents have had out-the-top stove jacks. I also don't understand how you can have an ember exit your chimney that is larger than the spark-arrester screen.

    If it were my set up I'd get a fire going in it at night and look for sparks exiting anywhere but the very top of the chimney. That's unlikely but it's the only thing I can think of right now.

    Do you know if the canvas has been treated for fire resistance and mildrew?

  19. I did that friday night. Didn't see anything othe r theory the top. It has been treated for mildew ans water resistance. No fire. Its a davis canvas tent

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