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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Steve Wright, May 17, 2014.

  1. Steve Wright

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    Anyone had any experience with the G4 shoe coming completely off ?
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  3. Steve Wright

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  4. Steve Wright

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    Steve -

    I am sorry to hear about this happening to your boat. I guess that could be a real problem, and even perhaps a real safety issue if it happened while using the boat in some rivers or conditions.

    I own a relatively new Hyde boat, but I didn't opt for the g4 bottom, in part because it wasn't offered on my model.

    I would be interested in what your fix is for this. I presume that Hyde would cover the repair as part of their normal warranty, but I wonder about whether it has to go back to Idaho Falls for this, and if so, who covers the shipping cost, which can't be cheap.

  6. Siskiyoublues

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    Steve I saw this post on another forum
    is this your boat? how did it happen?!
    how old? how many trips?
    I've been around a lot of hyde boats, as well as just about every other make and I've never seen this before.
    Have you contacted Hyde? what did they say?
  7. PT

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    Ouch! Hope you get it resolved in your favor, somehow.
  8. Steve Wright

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    Yes , I have spoke with Jim Kunz , Hyde CEO, and waiting a response from LeMoyne Hyde . It seems he has to be the one to make any decision.
    Matt Hyde communicated that it was safe to use "till its resolved" and "the hull is the same thickness with or without the " G 3 " " .
    I'll just wait & see.
  9. MT_Flyfisher

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    Any update on this?

    I own a Hyde, and beginning to wonder about their quality and customer service based on my own recent issues, and would appreciate knowing how your G4 was handled.

    Thanks, John
  10. Steve Wright

    Steve Wright New Member

    I have communicated to Jim Kunz , Hyde CEO, and still waiting on his reply.
    LeMoyne Hyde has never responded.
  11. MT_Flyfisher

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    Thanks for the update. Seems to me that 2 weeks is a bit long to get a reply.

    I just replaced both tires on my Hyde drift boat trailer yesterday. I noticed that both of them had sidewalks that cracked over the winter, and would have not been safe to use. I just bought the boat and trailer 2 years ago last fall, and I store it inside, plus regularly put UV protectant on the tires,and probably only had less than 2000 miles on them.

    I hadn't noticed it before, but when I took the tires off the trailer, I noticed they were 2 completely different brands, cheap belted tires, and were manufactured over 4 years ago - so much with buying a new boat and trailer for $14,000 list price, that had old, cheap, $25 tires on the trailer.

    I called and left a message with Hyde 3 days ago asking about the tire warranty, but haven't gotten any answer from them either. Maybe they are too busy selling new boats to worry about their old customers?

    I had a Clackacraft before, and I can buy a Clackacraft again.

  12. Steve Wright

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    I sent your post above to Jim Kunz & Lemoyne Hyde ......it reminds me of the following :

    Most companies invest in selling stuff better....instead of making better stuff . Unsurprisingly ,the stuff they make often turns into

    When Detroit could finance cars it could push volume & not make great cars in the first place.

    Therefore, the best business model is to make stuff that's great & people will buy ?