I-90 situation around Cle Elum--current conditions?

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  1. I gotta run over to the Cle Elum area to stock some fiddies tomorrow--anyone driven through the contruction in the last few days? I drove over and back last weekend and there were no backups if traveling eastbound Sat., and westbound Sun. There were only three available lanes, and they were using the middle one as a reversible. I'm mostly concerned about eastbound tomorrow morning pretty early, I'll have the fry and also don't want to get benighted accidentally on the way out.

    BTW the speed limit is only 50 through the construction and LE is out in force so to speak. I got pulled over going 74 in the 50 (!) and somehow walked away with no ticket in my hand. Totally dodged the proverbial bullet on that one. The signage is not especially good, so be mindful.
  2. I-90 stiuation around Cle Elum--current conditions?

    My sister in law got stuck in a looooong stoppage yesterday late afternoon by Bullfrog. Sunday may be better in the AM but likely slow later on. I'd bring a crossword.
  3. I-90 stiuation around Cle Elum--current conditions?

    Monday-Thursday one lane each way. Friday-Saturday night two lanes eastbound Sunday-Monday two lanes Westbound. It seems on the weekend the one lane direction is backed up. During the week it's anyone’s guess.

    good luck
  4. I-90 stiuation around Cle Elum--current conditions?

    You can get email alerts on all State highways at http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/
    weather and road conditions, including construction delays will be sent directly to your email in box, daily.

  5. I-90 stiuation around Cle Elum--current conditions?

    Trust me, if it were not for this stock, I would not be attempting.
  6. I-90 stiuation around Cle Elum--current conditions?

    I drove it yesterday and today. Going east its a little slower, but not more than 5-10 minutes. I noticed if you stay in the right (truck) lane after Easton, where the lanes are walled apart, you will actually go faster than the left lane.

    Coming west, on Friday was slow, adding 20-30 minutes to travel, but this afternoon it was doing about 35-45 mph in the single westbound lane. Only about 10 minutes delay.

    John Dude
  7. I-90 stiuation around Cle Elum--current conditions?

    I wasn't so lucky :beathead:
  8. I-90 stiuation around Cle Elum--current conditions?

    Going over was fine, coming back, the split lanes didn't kill me as bad as just traffic in general. Took me about 45 minutes longer getting back, and going over I had to detour to the hatchery and there was a potty break too, so probably more like 1:15 longer effectively. I think I caught the football traffic on the Seattle leg.
  9. I hit the construction on Friday on my way back from the Yak. Terrible. Took me almost 4hrs from the lower canyon to Tacoma. Hopefully it was just Friday evening traffic and it isn't this bad for everyone.

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