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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by grim ripper, Sep 9, 2009.

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  1. I fished Lenice on monday and tuesday with a few fly guys and several mexicans using bait gear and keeping all they caught. Most things were good. Water is down to 63/64 degrees, so that is nice. I found fish eating red damsels in the west end on monday and lots of fish on pmd emergers behind the islands on tuesday. The agravating part is the 4 mexicans, probably latinos to be correct, that came in on monday and fished for an hour and left with a heavy cooler full of something. We, being me another old timer, confronted the three 20 somethings and their dad and their reply was no english with a smirk. White small car.

    Tuesday, 5 guys showed up in a small red prelude license 985- wws. they were there til 2pm when I left, whooping it up near the creek mouth in the east end. I saw many fish splashing as they landed them.

    I had no phone nor did Chris from Vashon and not know what to do.

    I wanted to go and confront them and run them off, but would have to take a stick at my age. What to do???

    I'da called Matt or Capt'n Larry if they were close.

    Any thoughts???

    Grim Ripper
  2. Signs posted in English and Spanish with the regulations on the lake would be a good start if they don't exist already. At least then nobody could claim ignorance. I'm sure that lake gets poached all summer once all the flyfisherman leave because it is too hot to stress the fish thus leaving it to the poachers to slaughter them. Sad.
  3. my first thought is a .50 cal Barrett, but that's inappropropriate, huh?
    I recommend repeated emails to DFW. then you have a time/date stamp on your reports>>which leads to eventual accountability. That's how civilized people do it I guess.

    either that, or sic Mumbles on 'em.
  4. A couple flat tires might get the message across....
  5. Sad to say but they just don't care.I work on boats all around lake union.One of the boats I've been working on lately is deep in the midst of a no fishing due to pollution zone.Signs are posted in at least five languages if not more.Nearly every day an old asian woman and her younger asian companion who is probably her son show up,bait hooks and keep every single fish they catch no matter how small.I've watched them fill a five gallon bucket I don't know how many times.I finally had a loud,fake conversation on my cell about poaching and they haven't been back since.Situation sucks.
  6. I think that my ability to read a post no matter how importan the subject matter, shuts off when the only adjective that the author can use for someone is mexican. Good luck there "white guy"
  7. That's just stupid pc bullshit.I bet if you called them red necks nothing would be said.There is nothing wrong with pointing out that a certain groups cultural beliefs are causing problems.Would any one object if they were German or Irish?
  8. A poacher is a poacher, their ethnicity has nothing to do with it. If they were Irish or German, it would not be mentioned.

    signed: Square Head
  9. Whether they were latino, mexican, puerto rican, columbian, etc. who cares? If you poach, then you fall in the collective RED NECK argument no matter race or crede.

    As for what to do, calling the DFW is the right move. Confronting them with facts wouldnt make any difference and could quite possibly get you in to an altercation. Take the liscence plate, call it in and keep being vigilant.
  10. When did "Mexican" become pejorative?
  11. In five years of fly fishing I've heard that "no english" BS three times, and each time from a person of different ethnicity. However most of the poaching I've witnessed, and reported, has been from good old white bread American boys of the European origin.

    So when I see a post such as the first one identifying the poachers as a racial minority it doesn't mean anything to me except that on that one occasion the poachers were_____________ (insert minority here).

    I understand that the color of one's skin has nothing to do with their propensity for crime so I don't get offended when someone's color or ethnicity is identified. However it would appear that some here are a little more sensitive than me.
  12. When I hear the term, "white bread," it shuts me off:)
  13. First, adding ethnicity into an ID is an aid to law enforcement in narrowing the suspect pool, and is an appropriate thing to do. Possibly, Latino could be used in place of Mexican, but either way, the ID is helped somewhat. "Latino" provides a more accurate identification, unless their vehicle has something that can ID them as Mexican; something like "Yo (heart) Guadalajara" or some such.

    Second, and especially with enforcement spread so thin as to be non-existent, how do you deal with this? I pose this because of a German saying which translates basically "It is the hunter's duty/honor to protect the creatures of the wild". If not us, who, then? Who stands for the creatures of the forest? I also recognize that there are those among you who shy from confrontation. That's fine, but don't use it as an excuse to bow out of this. Use your God damn phone, take photographs, license numbers, AND leave a note on the windshield letting them know that they've been turned in.
  14. Call a poacher a poacher and then when you speak to an Enforcement Officer make your physical description to them, not to us. I find that in poor taste and I consider myself politically incorrect quite often. I hope that you at least took down the poachers' descriptions, vehicle description and license plates and phoned them in once you got somewhere that did have a phone since you did not have one available at the lake.
  15. iagree Hopefully next time you actually do something about it, instead of creating an acct and crying about it on a ff forum
  16. My thougths exactly. Would you all still be up in arms if he had used Hondurans, Guatemalans, El Salvadorans, etc, etc. or is it just the word Mexican that offends?
  17. no the problem is that Hondurans, Guatemalans, El Salvadorans, etc, etc. are all mexicans to us. The more a person groups individuals by race the harder it is for them to pick out a picture of that individual from others. This does not occur just amoung us white breads. Latinos who see blacks as blacks rather than individuals had the same problem picking them out later. It affects everyone. See the face not the race.

    Course this has little to do with the problem of poaching.
  18. I'm gathered up some mexican/latinos in my neighborhood. Will be posting pictures shortly. Let me know if any of them was involved. One of them keeps telling me he's doctor but I don't buy it. Good cover up if you ask me.
  19. My thoughts also. As far as "PC" bullshit is concerned, no one's EARNED the right to tell me what to say, or how to say it. People from Mexico are known as Mexicans, people from America are Americans. From France, they're French, but strangely, it's ok to call them Frenchmen, and Scots Scotsmen, but never can you say Chinaman. If you try to stifle a debate by "smokescreening" to direct attention away from the initial dispute, you are attempting to sidestep the issue and put "bad juju" on the person who began the debate rather than honestly engaging the issue. It's a tactic I see waaayy too frequently from the left; witnessed by the vitriol swirling around the health care debate. It flies often around discussion of 2nd Amendment issues, gay issues, etc. All it is, is an attempt to put someone down. So, back to the issue-turn the bastards in, and DEMAND that the courts do their job, and jail them. Now if someone used the word "spics", beaners, gooks, chinks, etc in describing someone, I'd find that offensive. I wouldn't make an attempt to correct his speech, though. Last I checked, we're still living in a country where speech is free. It might be offensive, but it's not illegal. If it's illegal, you can make the attempt to do something about it: until that time, in the Gaelic; "Rach air M'uin Fhein!".
  20. And BOOOOOM. My mind is blown.
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