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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by grim ripper, Sep 9, 2009.

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  1. Most poachers I have run across had Obama stickers on their cars.


  2. Funny shit all, some damn funny shit.
    Esp. the "Obama stickers on their cars"
    Poachers like to steal cars with "Obama stickers" or cars with "Obama stickers" are easy to steal.
  3. Whoa, this one took a few twists and turns. I still hope that a call to WDFW or Local Law Enforcement was made. If there was no attempt made to report the poaching then why should it even merit being discussed here? Then we went all homogeneous, political right, left, center and gutter. I thought an "Obama sticker" was the pork dumplings on the Dim Sum Stimulus Package menu!
  4. Lyle,

    To say that " certain groups cultural beliefs are causing problems" is pure bs. I myself am Mexican, and I can asure you that no where in my cultral background is breaking the law or ignorance of the law a cultural belief........
  5. hicks, your a douche bag! the facts are they were mexicans and they broke the law. you are no longer welcome to fish at lake Lenice or any other eastern washington desert lake or stream becuse there isnt enough fish for both you and your mexican poacher friends. you have chosen the mexican poachers so guess what? take your conservative bullshit elsewhere!
  6. Ease up there gents.
  7. Possibly the funniest thread ever. While you guys (and girls to be pc) argue I am going out to the South Fork to catch (and release) some fish:)
  8. iagree This is the only thing on this thread that makes any damn sense at all. Look...not all of these "big bad poachers" are "mouth breathers" , "russian" , "mexican" or whatever you you like to blame. For those of you who have not realized this...there is shit storm in the economy and people ARE having a touph time putting food on the plate for their families or themselves. I have seen A LOT of people not filling out their catch cards for humpies this year, all ethnicities and age groups, including a few family members. Look...if you can't afford it, go out and get it. That's my two cents.
  9. A rose is a rose, a turd is a turd.
    Call 'em like you see 'em.

    To vilify someone reporting on a poaching incident becuse they accurately described the perpetraors is liberal double talk...Diversion...Avoiding the issue...A lawyer's tactic when they have nothing of substance to offer.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with describing an individual by stating their ethnicity or nationality...it is simply being accurate.

    And this excuse "trying to get poor folks from another impoverished country to figure out the whole idea of catch and release is just out of the friggen question" is faulty logic.
    So..it is OK to shoplift if you're hungry and haven't taken the time to learn the laws of the country you have chosen to move too?
    Where would that logic lead to? Poaching is excusable???...theft?...assault?...murder?
    Where is their respect for our Country's laws and morals? People have died to protect those laws and our way of life.
    Where is the respect for our Countrymen who gave their lives so people could have a chance to better theirs???
    Are we going to throw away the lives of our Sons and Daughters who made the ultimate sacrifice because a bunch of foreigners can't integrate into OUR SOCIETY???
  10. sorry, I can't help but reply:

    At least they are not using my boat!
    said boat is secured once more


  11. Yes, I love it. Now that is some funny shit.
  12. You're right. And a poacher is a poacher. That's exactly why ethnicity or what language the poachers spoke has no relevancy.

    That said, I've found that it's much more fun to talk fishin' than it is to argue politics...and I say that as someone who has been political my entire adult life.
  13. This time of year, having been in the sun, I'm probably more of a "wheat bread" anyway.
  14. Wow guys, this is a fly fishing forum right? I must say I feel a little bit more stupid after reading all these posts. Some of you guys and gals need to get a life. You know who you are, the people on here who never post new threads or have anything to say that pertains to fly fishing. Now as for the whole Mexican issue, who really cares? I hate these guys that feel the need to stroke their ego by pointing out how much more PC they are than others on here. First off nobody cares how PC you are, second off just write a PM next time to the thread creator if you think they're being ethnically or racially insensitive. It's really that simple people!
  15. Done with this thread.
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