I am sooo busted!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Snake, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    Spot On! Life's too short to have to reap what you just sowed, bro!bawling:bawling:bawling::clown::rofl:

    Whatever you do, don't take her someplace tropical where she'll have to wear a bikini and feel fat, while you can't resist oogling all the nubile nuggies and gettin' busted even more.
  2. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    Pimpin aint easy!!!! Sak done marinted that overnight in the frigerator for a couple of days..That flavor is down to the bone!
  3. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    It was a joke. Apologize and go fishing. Don't fan the fire by making a bigger deal out of it than it really is.
  4. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    SAK is right about his approach. Don’t listen to all that, “do you love her” bullshit. You already stated how you felt publicly. Tell her she is on notice. That your advisors here at the man-whore convention pointed out you’re nearing the end of the relationship and that you need some spin down time before the actual move out. She better be letting you tap that ass until she can make the decision not to go spying on you online to find out what the hell you are doing. Do you know how wrong that is? Fish on yet?

    Now I know what yer thinking cuz I know waassupp. Girlies that are bent enough to do that usually are good enough of a ride that you more than likely have the beginnings of a man-gina. So it’s going to be really hard for you to pull the trigger, but you need to shit or get off the pot buddy. You are wasting fishing time!
  5. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    This is some funny shit.... keep it coming.:thumb:

    I'm married and happy bro, but if I knew then, what I know, I wouldn't have waisted anytime with all the lame chicks from my past. Move on-- life's too short to play bullshit. Have fun, go fish, get laid, drink alot, and when you meet the right chick (which you clearly haven't) settle down. :ray1:
  6. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    I'm married as far as the law is concerned, but my wifes always had problems putting weight on and I've always had a taste for anorexic women. Of course, I probably get less action than your average single guy at this point in my life. Which brings me to a good point:

    A healthy female libido requires some body fat. Don't be in too big a hurry to get her on the treadmill. Maybe you should post some pictures for us and let us help decide. Before/after pics would be especially helpful :)
  7. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    If you're capable of option 1 that pretty much answers it :clown:

    Ah Geez.....first Evans, then Loopy.....now I gotta deal with Grouse over here! (Grouse....WELCOME!)
  8. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    All I've got to say is better YOU than ME! Its usually my dumb-ass getting into situations like that.

    You might as well move on. Having your girl stumble upon your post announcing to the world that she is getting fat and your contemplation to ditch here for another (more attractive) woman is BAD news. From a man's perspective it sounds like 1/2 B.S bravado but to a woman.....it is something she will NEVER EVER (did I say EVVVVVVVEEEERRRRRR) forget!

    Good luck Bro, Dr. Studley's advice is to cut your losses. Besides summers almost here and what better time is there to break up with a woman!
  9. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    NICE!!! THATS BAD!!!
  10. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    Think about it, you'll have more time to go fishing now.
    Then go in search for that trophy that can and will understand your humorist ways!:thumb:
  11. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    FACT: hot pussy is the most over-rated thing in human life.

    FACT: most men ruin their lives simply because they want a hot babe to have sex with.

    After dating several hotties and having many friends date hotties, I came to the realization hotties are mostly *ucked in the head from recieving too much special attention in their lives.

    It just isn't worth it to marry an exotic bird that needs constant maintinence.

    Marry the woman who is your best friend, not the one that makes your pole jump or gets you a lot of attention from other girls and guys.

    ULTIMATE FACT: behind every HOT woman is a guy tired of *ucking her.
  12. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    I can't say I agree with you on the first two but the third one is spot on.
  13. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    Snake...be the steelhead. In other words, you have spent your load. It's back out to sea, buddy.
  14. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    It just amazes me, all the unhappiness and hoops and BS some guys put up with just to keep a hottie as a girlfriend.

    And don't get me wrong, I love sex as much as any other guy, I just know that good sex with a hottie in and of itself isn't enough to keep a man happy for the duration of his life. A lot of my friends don't yet realize this and they constantly put up with some BS drama in their girlfriend's life.

    My girlfriend who I intend to marry likes to read books and go for walks and likes camping. That is my kind of woman.

    If she can't enjoy the simple things in life and needs special attention constantly, dump her AND RUN.
  15. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    If her feelings are just a bit hurt and will be over it with a short explanation - no gifts or repetition of said explanation- then she may be a keeper.

    If she is actually angry with you and/or inconsolable - get out NOW! You are obviously the kind of guy that does stupid stuff like that (me too); so you need someone who won't ruin your week over it.
  16. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    Run far and run fast!!!!
  17. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    You forgot to mention quiet walks on the beach, Jason.... you gotta have quiet walks on the beach in there. It's nice to see some men still like to just snuggle and make love. Sorry, Jason-- I couldn't resist.:D
  18. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    Here is your answer, check out the ULTIMATE FISHING VEHICLE, 6th. post and then make up
    your mind. Even Dr. Citori could not give your better advise.bawling::):beer2:
  19. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    That medical charlatan Citori missed this in his differential. Congratulations Snake!
  20. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    Hmmm... You're getting some great advice here... Knowing some of the personal histories a little... Let's just say I hope they're joking, but it's hard to tell. But I'm going to bring it all down a little and be serious. The "pimps" who have responded don't know shit about women...

    Look at it from her perspective. You publicly stated that nothing about her matters but her body. What she thinks, what she feels, all the little things she does for you. See, women don't understand that we don't really care about the little things they do for us. But you have to understand that that's all that matters to them. What makes "our song" special, isn't that it's special. What makes it special is that YOU, the guy, have acknowledged that YOU understand that it's special to HER and that YOU can remember it with no more than 10 seconds of going "UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHH" when she asks you about it because YOU know it makes her feel loved. See when she says "Oh can you pick up some ice cream" You're supposed to know what flavors she likes. My wife asked me just this weekend to get her a "piece of pie" at QFC. I know that I'm supposed to know what kind of pie she likes, and don't think for a second that my "treat" later that night didn't have something to do with the fact that I brought her blackberry and not french silk... You're supposed to know what she wants on her pizza, burrito, etc. You're supposed to know that she thinks Sheryl Crow is "Homely" but Fergie, the english former princess not the black eyed pea is "pretty" as crazy as that may sound to you. None of those things really matter, but to her they say everything about how you feel about her.

    Have you shared your zero population growth theories with her? You don't want kids. Oh, and when you are being intimate with her, you pretend it isn't her... Dude... Seriously... You Fed up so bad and you and the pimps have no clue how deep that hole you dug is.

    Oh and to those who say apologizing is having a "mangina" These are the same guys who didn't have a girlfriend in high school who gave me shit then. And I'll say the same thing I said in 1978. "Yeah, I'm whipped... And if you'll excuse me, I have an appointment with BJ I really don't want to miss" :thumb:

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