I am sooo busted!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Snake, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    I say put her on irrevocable waivers. Then you don't have bother calling. Making yourself a free agent is priceless.
  2. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    Would you not agree that most of us know enough about women/wives to not post a thread like the one that Snake did to get him where he is? even in jest.
  3. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    Your all wrong. It's called having a sense of humor. If I found something like that I'd post something about his limp tippit. ;)
  4. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    Wow, Buehler. I sure hope your girlfriend isn't reading this. Because even if you didn't mean to imply it, she'll defer that you think she's fat and ugly.
  5. NFR: I am sooo busted!


    .........and like most of the other dorks on here I'm eagerly awaiting the GF's post!! :rofl:

  6. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    "After dating several hotties..."

    Does this also fall under all the Skagit steelhead you claim to catch? Pics, or it didn't happen....:p
  7. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    She actually wouldn't because she is neither fat nor ugly.

    A hottie is as much in the body as in the mind and spirit.

    She could be a hottie if she wanted to be.

    Thankfully she learned a long time ago that looking like a hottie brings a lot of unwanted attention.
  8. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    A week with me and she will come running back to you and you might get even more fishing time than before! :thumb: Uhh... what are her digits?
  9. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    For real, hottie or not hottie, people get away with what you let them get away with, dont let her get away with caca!
    As for the hotties, who in the right mind would NOT want to get on a gorgeous exotic woman? Because you have to deal with her B.S? Who has to deal with ANY B.S? Hottie or not! The move is just dont give a rats ass! All the millions of women in this world and you think you have to put up with anything? Your crazy! Get an exotic woman, lie through your teeth about how cool you are and what a sensitive guy you are, dont return all of her calls, tell her you were busy making out with somebody hotter than her and maybe, just maybe if there is no good t.v on later you MAY call her, then DONT! Play that game and you will have to move to a secure building to keep hot chicks from breaking your windows to get in just to break you off a chunk.

    To be the man, you HAVE to be the MAN.

  10. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    LOL...or you could be honest and cut out all of the BS. BS begets BS.

    Do what you have to do Xstream, but I was never cut out for that game. I guess that's why I'm married.

  11. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    I agree with absolutely everything you say.

    I used to do that and it works.

    Ironic, how hotties used to too much attention can't ignore the guy that doesn't give them any.

    I guess I am older and am tired of that "game" and have met a woman who is worth the commitment and is truly special.

    Seriously though, if you just want to nail hotties, Xstreme put it best; ALL HAIL THE PLAYA!
  12. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    Clearly most here don't.
  13. NFR: I am sooo busted!

  14. NFR: I am sooo busted!


    Clearly you know that she is cruising WFF. What the hell posessed you to post an entire thread about her after she saw your dear citori I can't say.
  15. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    You're full of gems today, Jason. Its amazing how predictable they can be.
  16. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    Thanks for all the advice and empathy! :thumb:

    Well, everything is back to normal. I told her I wouldn't have posted it if I knew she was going to read it, not because I'm trying to hide anything from her, but because I wouldn't want to hurt her feelings, and explained that almost everything on that thread was TIC and over-the-top (intentionally), and not serious. I pointed out that I probably wouldn't be planning a backpack trip with her in Montana later this summer if I was really thinking about dumping her, and after she cooled off, she got it. I apologized for hurting her feelings, she apologized for swearing at me, and I didn't even have to grovel. :D

    She admits she still doesn't understand how men can be such pigs, but she is willing to continue tolerating my foolish behavior, as long as it doesn't get too outta hand. Plus, she says she isn't going to read WFF any more, because she doesn't have the time or inclination, and she "doesn't want me to feel like I need to censor myself, so go ahead and go have fun with the man-pigs". (She actually said that! :beer2:) Sorry for everybody who was waiting for her response, but she's done with this board......

    Sure, she's gotten a little chunky (good Wisconsin stock), but she knows it, and is working on it. She's intelligent (a PhD in Molecular Biology), great sense of humor, extremely tolerant of my foolishness, likes to camp and backpack and fish and shoot guns (and started snowboarding last year), gives me all the space I need/want, but lets me come over any time when I'm horny. She also completely agrees with my philosophy about kids and marriage (nix to both), and never hands me a beer without opening it first, and doesn't want me to watch chick-movies with her. She really is my best friend.

    Plus, I'm getting too old, and not rich enough, to chase hot chicks. :p
  17. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    That my friend, is a little thing called reverse psychology. If I know women, she is reading this thread right now from work. watch your back bro. :p
  18. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    Shhhhh... Listen... Hear that... "tick tick tick tick..." :rofl: No atheists in foxholes, and very few women who share your "philosophy" as they close on 40...:ray1:
  19. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    I just tied my laptop down with a couple downrigger balls to keep it from floating away. All the hot air being spewed here is enough to make me wanna puke. If any of you think you can give sound advice to someone you don't know about a relationship you have no clue about you're giving yourself WAY too much credit. I know, he posted about it on the board.

    And to some of you who just went thru puberty and feel like you have the life skills to preach about what ALL women want or desire is pathetic.

    Philster nailed it with one shot.
    Slam dunk!

    Swing or nymph? I'm sure one of you blowholes has an opinion about what's best for me...:D
  20. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    Curses! Tricked again by the wily she-wolf! :D

    Naw, one thing she is, is absolutely positively straight-up honest. But maybe I will be kinda careful about what I write, from now on.

    Good point, but that gives me about ten years. Hopefully by then I'll be rich enough to have my pick of air-head hotties, and won't have to worry about it.

    Curses! I'm doing it again! :rofl::rofl:

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