I am sooo busted!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Snake, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    Snake, your girlfriend isn't the only one with a big ass, what size waist are you up to these days?:rofl:
  2. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    <BR><BR><BR><BR>You could always give her a pink sock for an apology. After that you can get away with anything. :ray1:

  3. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    Speaking from experience?:eek:
  4. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    I need the weight to help me belay you while you're flailing on the top-ropes at Banks. ;)
  5. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    And here I thought that was strictly related to dysentery, ebola, and a variety of other lethal scenarios that usually include the word "bleed out"... Never quite understood getting tired of the classic, old fashioned Vajayjay...
  6. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    Where do you live phil... Africa? :rofl: Just ask James.. they love the "Vajayjay" there... but better when its filled with sand and monkey piss.
  7. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    I think this should be a candidate for funniest thread of the year.......
  8. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    Having been married for going on 31 years, I would have to say that you my friend have screwed the pooch! This is far far from over, by now all her friends and all there friends know that you are a "man pig", and soon you will be know by all women as "The Man Pig".

    Your best bet now is to change your user name to Man Pig and use the picture below as your avatar. Find yourself a fun loving "MAN" that likes fly fishing and live happily ever after, it's your only hope now.
  9. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    All proofs is that we are not to removed from?
    Dumb Ass!
  10. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    Well now I am real glad things worked out for you snake. Anytime we can be of help, just let us know.
  11. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    Anybody know how to properly stuff an ejected colon back in??

    Double curses!! I'm back in the frying pan. Thanks a lot, 'Yard.
  12. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    I recommend squating and inspecting a pile of bear scat in Alaska, determining that it is fresh and steaming, then hearing a branch being trode upon behind you. That'll put the pucker back in your pooper :thumb:
  13. NFR: I am sooo busted!

  14. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    Sure, I do it all the time. When a colon or uterus has prolapsed, it has to be manually reapproximated back into place. Gently work the tissue back into the orifice. Now the sphincter at the anus might cause you a little grief, so massage into the remaining tissue some Preparation H. This will help shrink the tissue allowing you to get it back where it belongs. This is only temporary. The next really large bowel movement will make the “pink sock” return. Stool softeners are recommended. Usually surgery can only provide a more lasting fix. I don’t know how many times one of my 90 year old ladies was just walking around and plop! “So and so’s uterus fell out again.” I’d have to dash over and reapproximate it before any family members walked down the hall. You get used to it.
  15. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    Classic!!!! My wife used to fish w/me, till we got married.Last weekend she accused me of NOT fishing because my breatheable waders were home, so she figured I didnt go.I had to show her my still-wet neoprenes to prove it!!!
  16. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    One more thing. Using Preparation H as a lubricant can help prevent prolapsing up to a certain age at any orriface.
  17. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    Wives use to do alot of things before you get married, Fishing is just one of many great memories. :D
  18. NFR: I am sooo busted!


    See you guys in 50 years........:eek:

    I pray that I never have to deal with my "pink sock".
  19. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    It is written - the definition of the word "bachelor" is "someone who never makes the same mistake once"

    From personal experience, the girlfriend, pre-marriage is the best time of your relationship. Things do NOT improve from that stage. Be forewarned...

    Boot, I want to thank you again for your unwavering support and spot-on observation.

    Some say Love is like a butterfly, hold it in your open hand and let it go, if true, it will come back to you. I say love is like a tick. It's cute to look at and interesting to be close to, but once it buries its head in your skin, the only way to get rid of it is with fire and blade, and it's gonna leave a scar. If you leave it the way it is, it's gonna give you years of misery and pain.

    Dude, you are so busted - and it has nothing to do with your post...
  20. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    I would suggest that coming onto this website to solicit relationship advice is a little like asking Barack Obama for bowling tips. :thumb:

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