I am sooo busted!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Snake, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    Obama can't bowl?????

    That has got to be horse shite.

    I would never even consider living in the White House if I couldn't get over 200.
  2. NFR: I am sooo busted!

    Yes... Reading most of the responses I am reminded of the line from the movie "So High". The premise is that two rappers end up going to Harvard... Don't question it... Just flow with it... At one point one of them says incredulously "How could I fail Women's Studies... I LOVE BITCHES!":p
  3. Ha Ha, Philster, I once shacked up with a b--..., er, I mean, woman, who was majoring in Women's Studies, and she reworked my entire vocabulary!:confused:

    "Chicks" are baby chickens. Remember that!
  4. Reminds me about the time my daughter was in a women's studies class. Thier assignment was to find examples of advertisements where women were shown as sexual objects. Front page of the local rag showed a great deal of a woman's cleavage and Mardi Gras beads. The subtitle was come grab a little fun at Mardi Gras. She took it home to show her boyfriend where a discussion followed. He told her she was just being to sensitive because of her class. She told him the discussion was over before she said something she could not take back. The next day he asked if she was still mad at him. She said no that she was just very disappointed. To him that was worse than yelling at him. I had to laugh because that was the very same thing I had said to her years before when I found out she had a party at our ranch when I was out of town. She learned well. :thumb:
  5. Women........The most dangerous animal known to man.
  6. I really don't see why she got so 'disappointed'? She gave an opinion. He said her opinion might be influenced by her recent experiences. ............: Am I missing something?
  7. Because he was talking not listening.

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