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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by William Wallace, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. Well, I know some people are not fans of Cabelas equipment, but I dropped by my local store and they had the 10'6" 5wt Lsi switch for $129.99 only one left after their inventory this week.

    So...yes I did the wiggle test! Walked out into the walkway of the store, went through the casting motions and yes I bought it. Took it home tried casting in 20mph wind yesterday and well actually did well. Some of the gusts had me ducking as if I was chucking some of my old shooting heads on a singler hander.

    Went to a local river today, not wide but a goode comparison to a trout stream. First I took my Airflo 325 skagit switch and a 10' poly leader. Worked pretty darn good, infact I loved it. Switch the leaders for a few different and very impressed. Put on 10' T8 and even worked better!

    I then went to my Ambush 8wt ( around 290 grains), 10 ft leader and that is where I fell in love! So effortless to cast. I think I just found my love rod for trout. While goofing around I happen to hook into an old beat up coho around 4-5 pounds. Gave a run up stream, clamped down, lowered the rod and brought it towards the shore, fish stopped dead in its tracks, then turns downstream and went down under a darn log and broke me off.

    I was hoping to get to play it in the pool, but luck went his way. Was impressed that when I clamped down the fish turned without any fuss. So I am confident on fish up to 5lbs.

    So I give a two thumbs up in a Z snap formation with a toast of fireball for this rod. I am not a man with a lot of money and I think this rod was worth what I paid.

  2. I saw those on sale the other week and now am sort of wishing I had found a 6 or 7 wt. At that price, why not?
  3. Good for you William. A very good stick does not have to cost an arm and a leg. Especially with all these cool lines available.
  4. Those that aren't fans of Cabelas have limited storage space upstairs.
  5. I totally agree! I felt it's hard to find bad rod nowaday...
    I also love the ambush line, they are really great... long leader, short leader, polyleader, sinktips... they take almost everything...
    Great report!
  6. That is interesting. I had that stick and I did not care for it either but it was easy to sell. I liked the 1307 Deer Creek, also the 15' 8/9 which I most likely wont sell for a looooong time.
  7. interesting, ive been "wigglin" around one of those at our cabelas in yak the past few times ive been in. nice to hear a report on one.
  8. William, nice find and thanks for sharing the line rod pairing you liked. That nugget will be valuable to others for sure.
  9. care to share which part is horrible?
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  10. I like and respect you Rob but would have to disagree with you on that one. While short rods like this are not my thing for the money the whole deercreek series are hard to beat and the 15 8/9 is a better rod than comparable ones costing 2-3 times the price
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  11. A crude description if I ever heard one.
  12. not sure what you mean by "gutless"... but there are several people I know are all happy campers with this little rod. Personally, I won't put it in a "bad rod" category. I have fished several DC rods 12'6 5/6, 13' 6/7 and 13' 7/8, they are as good as many more expensive rods out there.. what I mean by "good" is light, forgiving and good line control..
  13. Justin,

    It's very funny how you divert the discussion to "define a good rod" and "exceptional high standards" etc... Please go back to reread my first post #5 you quote... "I felt it's hard to find bad rod nowaday... "

    "hard to find a bad rod" is a statement about there are very few bad rods... it is NOT a statement to say "many good rods". you see the difference ? There are many "ok rods", "not bad rods" and "decent rods" in between "good" and "bad" categories..

    Just let you know I have an exceptional high standard in rods too... but my "elements" maybe very different than yours...

    Deer Creek series, in my eyes, is not just a "OK" rods, there are pretty decent rods with some good feel. I won't hesitate to recommend it to any experienced angler, let alone beginners.

    FWIW, I rarely fish graphite rods nowadays, my arena already shift to fiberglass and bamboos...even in those primitive materials, there are fewer and fewer bad rods... modern lines and newly developed casting techniques are pretty much taking care of any "bad rod" you can find.. (check out greenheart thread I posted couple days ago)

  14. I owned the DC 12'6" 5/6 and wished I never sold it, forgot who the lucky SOP was from this site was, but if I could turn back time, it would still be with me.

    I guess now with what I know on lines and casting, I know what I did wrong. Even then I was still throwing 60-80 feet but loops where open, more than I liked, but now I know it was me tossing those large loops not the rod. I did not have the money to buy and trade lines around. I thought for me it was a fast recovery is what I needed, something more quick touch and go. Looked around bought a T&T 1307, loved it sold it, why dummy, went and traded it, sold it don't remember, got a Sage 14' 9wt gen III, length was not for me. Had the 13' 7/8 and sold it, wish I had not done that either. Found a deal, so recently traded for a 12'6" 7/8 Loomis Roaring River and well found true love.

    I could go on and on about the trades, but every rod has it's purpose, but never found one to be GUTLESS, if I would say it is gutless it was because I did not know how to use it to ITS full potential. When ever I had a felt I was having trouble I would reel in sit down watch another Spey guy and learn. Sometimes start talking with them, give them questions, let them try the rod and the next thing they were casting 100ft and further. So for a rod I thought something was wrong, well it was me. Rods are each to their own and that is why there are so many styles to each style of caster.

    I will get a DC 12'6" 5/6 again! That will be the last Spey I get! Ya right

  15. One thing we can be sure of is that the Deer Creek series of rods does not break easily unlike some of the high end rods:rolleyes:
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  16. Quite the discussion on deer creek spey rods considering the thread started with a comment on a Cablea's LSI 5 wt. switch rod and a couple of good line combinations....
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