I did it anyway, no wonder I'm divorced

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by mtlhead, Aug 18, 2006.

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    Well I broke down (both enotionally and financially) and found a good deal on a 7136-4 greenie over on Dana's site. My old 7136 was a early model graphite III brownie, with my only complaint being that it was too soft for my taste. I also scored a old style Lamson V3.5 that I'll pick up tomorrow, and I still have an old Wolf TT 8wt spey line from my 8150 brownie.

    I did end up over budget, but I'm still only into the whole system for $450 and got what I really wanted in the first place. Now It's time to get buisy and back up to speed on my casting, Since the Jacks (silvers) have started showing I'm just in time! BTW, thanks FE for refreshing my mind about Dana's page. It's amazing how much we can forget in such a short amount of time, and the older I get the worse it is.
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    Your most welcome Sir! Given what you got, for the money involved: SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Bryan,you were divorced long before you went out and bought this outfit. You can't lie to an old fox like me.:p


    But good luck on you new rod and reel. At least it's new to you.
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    I have to agree with you on the use of Dana's site. I picked up a very very nice 9141 Sage this month from a guy on that site. It was immaculate and had almost no cork soilage at all. Got a screaming deal too.