I found a DEAD (HUMAN) BODY at the Puyallup today.

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by South Sound, Oct 12, 2008.

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    I think the reason a corpse is so haunting is because somwhere deep in your subconscious, you see yourself as a dead body. The fact that you will be a corpse someday is an inevitability and that is a hard thing to accept and be alright with no matter what you believe.

    I know I have a hard time believing I will die, it is a lot easier to not seriously consider it.
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    Being as this thread is shifting to people who have seen some difficult things I thought I would drop this link for those that would like to help vets get into fly fishing as a therapy.
    http://www.projecthealingwaters.org/ This group takes vets out fly fishing and gets them started tying. Very worthwhile.
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    Remind me never to go fishing with you.... Did you see them die or see them dead?
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    death sucks period! when i was in iraq last year i dealt with dead people on occassion and put a couple into body bags. death creeps me the f*@k out!
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    When I was about 8 I was walking with my family down the American River in Sacramento. We came around a thicket of trees that were on the side of the river and there is a guy laying on his back, blood coming out of his mouth and he is slipping into the river. My dad grabbed him by the belt and pulled him out, no pulse, started doing CPR. I volunteered to run off and call the ambulance, didn't really want to stay around for that. I'm not sure if the guy made it or not, probably not. A few months later my parents were going out to run some errands. I decided to stay home, although I usually would have gone. It took them several hours to get home, and when they did it turns out they were right behind a pick up truck with some teenagers in the back. One of the girls stood up, and fell right out of the truck onto the pavement. She didn't make it and it was supposedly a pretty gruseome scene. I have a big fear of finding a dead body while I'm out fishing...
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    I've regularly worked along the Columbia River for many years. One of my co-workers has discovered bodies in the river a couple times over 20+ years. He seems to have dealt with it well. I have known that if/when that day comes for me that I'm gonna have problems with it. Couple days back, I thought that day had finally arrived. I was wincing and gritting my teeth...feeling almost ill as I approached in a boat. Can't tell you how relieved I was to discover it was not a body.
    I'm glad for the original poster that he was at least on the other side of the river from the body. I think that would make a big difference for me.
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    Perhaps he was depressed from getting skunked one time too many.
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    Hey... First of all I'd like to thank whoever found him for calling the police... The man you found was my uncle, and he was not homeless... As far as we knew he was happy... The only reason I registered on this site was to respond to this... My best friend's mother found your entry and printed it out for me... I just wanted to make sure that people aren't getting the wrong idea about this whole situation, thinking he was a transient or anything... It's an extremely difficult time for all of us right now... I was just reading over what everyone was saying, and wanted to respond...
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    Condolences, and Godspeed.
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    Condolences to you and your family.
  11. rainbow My name is Mark Oberg

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    One jumped of of a bridge next to me. The other two were drownings while fishing. And there to was the big long wait for any reel medics or rescuers. In one case they didn't even believe me till half an hour later. ya, saw them all. I am also a vet, so ive seen some weird shit. But that jumping thing was loud, It sounded like a freaking bomb.
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    The sad days in the past are like water under the bridge.
    It's the sad days to come we have to watch out for.
    Amanda2010,my condolences for your loss.
  13. Jim Wallace Smells like low tide

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    Thanks for informing us, Amanda2010. May your uncle rest in peace.
    You and your family have my sympathies.

    Sorry about my earlier bad joke. Seeing dead bodies doesn't bother me so much if I don't know the person who died. I have come to accept death as a part of everyday life, and I suppose I joke about it without thinking of how my comments might affect the people who knew the deceased. I suppose I need to work on this, perhaps subject myself to a few sessions of Coach Duff's sensitivity training.
    One of my aunts passed away last week. Aunt Stella was around 90 years old and in a nursing home. I somehow didn't find the time to make it back to N Dakota to see her these last few years.
    I've watched close friends of mine go down from melanoma, and that is far worse to me than finding an anonymous corpse, which to me is now just lifeless decomposing protoplasm. Its only more upsetting than finding a dead salmon on the river bank because the corpse is human and reminds me of my own mortality.
    One time I helped to extract live but mangled bodies out of twisted wreckage, and that was hard to take. I would not want to be an EMT.
    Seeing my cousin Rick's reconstructed (by morticians) corpse (didn't even look like him) at his funeral was weird and a bit upsetting. He went off the road at over 100mph, street racing, was ejected from his car and crushed into the dirt when it rolled over him.

    When my brother got in a head-on (crossed centerline at 55 mph and hit another car going 50-55mph), I had to go to the hospital to deal with it all. I almost lost it when I saw him in the IC ward hooked up to a machine, rhythmically convulsing with tubes up every orifice, with one leg crushed and mangled and in traction, the huge scar going from pubic bone to rib cage where the surgeons opened up to remove his crushed spleen and sew up his exploded urinary bladder. Lots of stitches all over, where the many deep cuts were sewn up. Looked like a badly beaten up Frankenstein's monster lying there. But I had to suck it up and keep my head and deal with the hospital staff, with that image in my mind the whole time. That to me was much worse than any anonymous corpses I have seen.

    I'm sure most people here have had to deal with similar near-deaths and deaths.

    The idea of ceasing to exist doesn't bother me much, as I don't have any dependents. The thought of a horrible, agonizing slow death does, though. I hope Death will be quick, and not lingering, when it comes for me. I wonder if there will be anyone who cares enough to dump my ashes in one of my favorite creeks, for nutrient enhancement purposes. And if any of you ever find me stuck in a strainer, bobbing in the current as I decompose, please fish either a maggot or a flesh pattern downstream from me. I think I would like that!