I give you....JigTruderBead

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Randall Clark, Nov 18, 2013.

  1. That bead has too much fluff on it.
  2. don't worry, when I get a chance, I've another "better" one to tie up...
  3. As requested, less fluff...a little bit more weight to reach to previously unreachable lies, and double hook to increase the chances of hooking into that fish of a lifetime!!!

    once again, you're welcome.
  4. I just want to watch you double haul that little gem ;)
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  5. Nice!!!!

  6. No wun neds ta dubbel hawl dat flii. All wun has ta doo iz teye it onna da leeder. Den jus huk it owt der sins da leeder is teyed ta da flat monno runin line dat ya hukk out inna da wadder. Sea der hane't no nede fer a dubbel hawl. Jes done't fergit da bobbur so's ya cann set da propper unner wadder lenth ta dis fansee egg flii an yer a fishin jes fin sins yer not usina flii lin. No dat's fishin!
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  7. Isn't that what skagit casting is for? I thought that was how people fished gear but still kept their cred?
  8. That thing would kill me if it hit me in the back of the head
  9. spending time at the vise solely for an internet bulletin board..... winning!
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  10. Spending time on an internet bulletin board just to criticize how someone else spends their time while not on an internet bulletin board..... winning! Besides, you know there are people tying those things up and fishing them now, hell they are also catching fish on them.
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  11. That thing is crazy but I bet it catch's fish. That's why I don't post my ties people would laugh.

  12. yeah, because spending the small amount of time it took to tie that thing is more than likely considerably less time than some folks spend trying to think of clever things to post on an internet forum.
  13. We've been tying these for awhile. Usually a longer trailer hook.
  14. Not enough beads yet. You are getting there though.

  15. I'd work on another one, but don't really want to waste time tying up something just for a random internet thread. ;)

    Besides, I need those beads to peg for an upcoming trip to stick some salmon and dust some chromers on my fly pole.
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  16. Great thread, maybe you will find some more time to tie up more of these monstrosities. But seriously, you should mail me a couple of these: [​IMG]

  17. I actually did tie up a couple additional ones to throw in the steelhead box. I don't have very many of those beads though...tried fishing pegged beads a time or two but didn't really like it (despite the success).

    In all honesty, I nymph a lot, but I'm also always trying to tie shit up that will nymph and swing equally effective so that all I have to do when I encounter more wide open water is take off the indi, if I have one on and swing away. Even when I fish that water, it's covered with both tactics...dead drift to get the fly down then slow swing while I'm slowly walking downstream several steps (helps keep the fly down). That fly above that was originally tied up as a joke will actually fish very well for both of those methods. I took 'er out for a spin last weekend and it swims really well with lots of movement and casts very easily...can't really ask for more in a steelhead fly...well, and an easy tie (probably not long enough nor does it have enough materials for all of the "purists" that appear to be around).

    In all seriousness, if you do want several, PM me your address and we can have our own two person fly swap.
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  18. No one is going to comment on Derek's masterpiece?!

    I don't mean to "hi-jack a thread," but that there is a fly that I can get behind!

  19. so now we have to do more than just "like" something to avoid any hurt feelings? ;)
  20. Derek Day said:
    I refuse to tie any of that new-agey crap. Only the most traditional for me. View attachment 35362
    No one is going to comment on Derek's masterpiece?!

    I don't mean to "hi-jack a thread," but that there is a fly that I can get behind!
    Jason Chadick, Yesterday at 5:30 PM Report
    HOW'S IT SWIM...or does it just spin??

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