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    When I was living in Neah Bay I was also really into finding the "one" fly that could do it all. I really like to swing flies but there was a lot of great water in those creeks out there that just wasn't swing water. I'd try to swing it anyway because I'm stubborn. But after a few months I started trying to find a fly that would do both so I wouldn't have to travel so far between holes.

    Enter Greg Colfax, one of the most impressive people I have ever met. He loved fishing for steelhead; gear, fly, spoon, bait, he just loved it, and his knowledge of local cedar-creek steelhead was a life's worth. Anyway, I met him on the Sooes one day and he showed me a fly that he likes to cast on both his gear and his fly-rod. He called it the "Nightmare", which I believe is a popular steelhead jig. His version was more "fly-like", despite being on a jig hook, and was ridiculously colorful: Pink chenille body, with a tuft of calf hair behind the brass eyes at the head of the jig hook, and the tail was blue steelie ice dub underneath a short black rabbit strip. He gave me a couple, and I've tied more since then. I will post a picture as soon as I find one around the house. Cool fly with some local lore behind it, definitely put a couple steelhead on the bank for me last season.
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    Lol That has got to be the ugliest thing I've ever seen come out of a vise
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