I Got One!!!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Steelworker, Jul 28, 2001.

  1. Hey all,
    Fished the Green today (near Flaming Geyser) and landed an 8-ish lbs. hen. I was just messing around and put on a stonefly nymph and went to set the hook on yet another smolt when my rod doubled over and a silver bullet hurled herself up out of the water. I'd hooked her square in the corner of the jaw. She'd jump me four more times and take me to the dacron 2 times before the 20 minute(I'm assuming..... time seemed to stand still) battle was over.
    I'm still shaking from the experience. I don't think there is anything you can read or do to prepare for that first Steelie. It was totally out of control, and for 19 minutes all I could do is hold on and pray those half-arsed knots I tied would hold.
    A year and half of blood,sweat,and tears finally paid off. I'll be going back again tommorrow morning to try and get a lil' more of that finned love. And while I'm at it I'm liable to try and negotiate some week-day water time with my wife.(And this time I AM prepared to sleep in my truck!)
    Take care all(Tight LInes)
  2. Vic New Member

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    Congrulations!!!! You're lucky fisherman!

    How long you was chasing steelhead before hooking one?
    What pound test leader do you use?
  3. Steelie L Member

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    Very, very cool. Congratulations. Today is a day you'll never forget.
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    Way to go!
    One of the best times of your life- you will live it over and over again.
    I hope you were able to get a picture for your stories. If not it is in your mind- where it really counts. Yes, it kinda makes sleeping in your truck a part of the adventure- and not such a miserable thing to do. You will be amazed how comfortable that truck can become, and how close to a second home it is.
    Go getum!:7

    **************GO FISH*******************
  5. Congrulations!!!! You're lucky fisherman!

    Thanks all
    Hey Vic, sorry it took so long to get back to your question, I spent a few nights my truck :)
    Anyway I've been chasing Steelies since about September of '99. I've fished Cooks creek on the lower Quinault as well as the lower Quinault itsself(before I actually knew what I was doing). I wet my line in the Skokomish,Hamma Hamma,and Duckabush rivers(before I discovered the weren't any fish there anymore) and then I wintered over on the Kalama and the Toutle rivers where I gained a great deal of casting and presentation skills before I made my way to the Green.
    I've been using a floating line(that Rio Versa-Tip stuff) and 9 ft. of leader@ 10 lbs. with about 2.5 ft. of tippet@ 8 lbs.(more or less...... I change flies alot).
    Hope this helps.
    Tight lines,