I got schooled. Big time.

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by orangeradish, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. I hit a beach today starting about 45 min after high tide. After wandering around a bit, I came across a MASSIVE school of what I first thought was SRCs. My buddy thought by the way they were feeding that they were rezzies. Whatever they were, they were pretty good size. For over an hour, they posted up in a seam and ate. And ate. And ate. Noses were poking out everywhere. You couldn't look at a piece of water for more than 5 seconds without seeing a fish snout break the water. I used both floating and clear intermediate. I threw clousers. Miyawaki poppers. Euphasids. Spiders. Dries. Nada. I also swore a lot. Taking a nun to the drive-in would be less frustrating. On the upside, I got to fish on a workday. With sunglasses. In Feb. And it was one of the coolest things I've seen on the water.

  2. Good chatting with you my friend. Sounds like a great day to get the heart pounding.
  3. Radish. I think you got a "skunking" my friend.
  4. Hurts doughnut.
  5. Did you show them a bead?
  6. I wonder if they could have been a school of anchovies or something? I've seen some down there that are super cool. Sounds like a fun day to be on they water though!
  7. ROFL... WIN!!!
  8. Be the bead, Danny. Be the bead.
  9. Nothing more frustrating than seeing fish get after it and you don't have what they want. I feel for ya! At least you had shots at real fish and not just prospecting up and down the beach. I'd take that situation any time. Maybe a dead drift presentation next time.
  10. Nun to a drive in? They still have those? Nuns, I mean. That was funny and that WAS a skunking. Great post by the way.
  11. Thanks, peeps. A world class skunking for sure. I tried many presentations, including DD. Evan, I ran a bead with a bead dropper. No love.
  12. So, you still beating yourself up about not becoming one with nature? After our chat the only two things I think you might not have tried were a chum baby and sandlance. Because your clousers were light and bright, maybe one in dull and dark would be good to have. I carry some in olive/brown and gray/black just for times when more trusted colors are not doing much. I still think you had an awesome opportunistic day, off early, fishing gear in hand, feeding frenzy to view...awesome.
  13. I would guess if you were seeing snouts and they were feeding in one place for such a long period it was probably euphasids they were feeding on. Must not have had the right color/size.
  14. No doubt. Still chalked it up as a win. Very cool.:thumb:

    That's what another buddy said. I know what I need to tie...
  15. I bet they were Atlantic Salmon.
  16. size 12 pink scud pattern buddy
  17. word.
  18. Either that, or tarpon.
  19. Word. :thumb:
  20. You don't tie, silly. You may tie one on from time to time. :rofl:

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