I got the blues...grouse, that is...

Discussion in 'Cast & Blast' started by Roper, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. After escaping from the Big B, I managed to hit the woods again for the elusive 2011 grouse. I hunted the old Waucanda area that used to produce lots of grouse in the past. Much to my surprise and initial horror, they are logging my old haunts. I suppose in a year or two the clear cuts will produce birds, but for now not one could be found. So I retreated to the Oroville house and spent the night there. Morning brought a beautiful sunrise and I decided to hunt the local coverts again in search of any birds. It finally paid off with me spotting a pair of blues, one ended up on the table the next day sauteed with fresh bell peppers and onions. I'm backing off on any hope of finding more birds this year and will look forward to ducks instead...



  2. Beautiful dark bird! Nice work!
  3. Nice Rick. Don't give up too early!

    Looking forward to getting back up to Oroville.

  4. Yeah, we need to chat about when, etc....I'll give you a shout this weekend.
  5. Excellent pics Rick. Makes me really anxious to hit the woods again.
  6. Splendid!
  7. Nice work Roper! I managed to convince my wife to let me do a 'run N gun' (drive over at 3:00 am and be back by 5:00 pm), flushed only 7 birds in an area that I kicked up over 20 last year! Was only given one shot, which I missed...'Andy's reloads' 0 : grouse 1. I think my karma was really screwed up though since I hit/killed a yearling just outside Mazama.

    Plan on hitting the hills outside Chelan this weekend for the opener...hopefully my karma gets back in order.
  8. Al least you saw some Andrew! Last year I went to that spot a couple weeks after opening and didn't see a bird, so opening weekend might have been better this year as well. I'll let you know how the quail are around Brewster after this weekend! Rick
  9. Eric (troutrageous) And I managed to flush a good number, we ended up getting 4. My springer got a little teaser for the upland season! :thumb:
  10. Good job Blake! Were you guys closer to Spokane? Most of us have been hunting the east slope of the Cascades and I wondered if the weather for the hatch was better farther east? Rick
  11. Nice work Blake! Pup looks ready to go!
  12. I was south, Pomeroy area. We covered a ton of ground for those 4 grouse, First time hunting the area so I dont really know how the hatch was as compared to recent years. I will be getting out near Spokane soon, hopefully there are some birds around. we definitely had a wet spring here.
  13. We hit the Blue Mountains. Tried for Blues Saturday up on the ridges with no luck, so managed to find ourselves some Ruffed Grouse Sunday hiking through some thick cover.

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