I got the new rod bug

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by maluce, Jan 28, 2003.

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    Seems all things in the universe are saying "Mike, you need to build a new rod." So I'm going with 10ft 7wt (Thanks Ryan for the post). Won the bid for a turned Elkhorn reelseat. Rainshadow blank. So, I've seen the sites on feather inlay and I figure why not dress this one up. Does anyone have a good source for feather inlay instructions. I went to Dave's Rods site and wasn't able to find instructions. Thanks,Mike
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    Go to the Bellevue Fly Fishing Show next month, I have a buddy coming up from Oregon that will be doing several demonstration clinics during the show. If you go to his web site at http://www.meiserflyrods.com , you can see some of his work. The guy is truely (sp) on of the last great Artisians of the rod building industry, he will be there with http://www.siskiyouaviary.com which is the one of the leading feather merchants in the country. If I was you, I would wait the month and get all you can out of the show, I will.:smokin
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    Thanks. I see the dates are 2/22-23. Seems to be my luck this year to miss all the good shows cause of work.