I guess I am pathetic

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  1. Went down to the laundry room today to remove some things from the dryer for my wife.
    When I cleaned the lint trap, I came across some neat looking fuzz. What great dubbing I sez
    to myself. Now I will lurk around when my wife does the laundry. Maybe I can find a killer bug in
    that lint.
  2. Our minds never wonder far from fishing, do they?
  3. I know a number of fly tyers who use laundry lint for fly patterns.... unfortunately it is difficult to match the colors from day to day. You may never get the color combination you want ever again.
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  4. Gives a whole new way to name flies though doesn't it?

    Fisher #1 - "Hey, what are you catching all those fish on?"

    Fisher #2 - "Well,.. it's kind of a toss up between the Blue Jeans, Whitie Tighty, and the Pink Panties."
  5. I think there's a cartoon in here for Gene.
  6. Lint trap fuzz from drying the dog beds....only thing the old lady's chihuahuas are good for.
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  7. I know one member on here who washes his kids blanket whenever he needs that special red color.
  8. You could be right :D
  9. Maybe you should check your belly button? Could be some good stuff in there.
  10. kinda hard to collect lint with an outie.

    Mine's actually a flattie that once was an innie when I was skinnier.
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  11. Hmmm....I was just tellin' the wife last night that a set of her pantyhose looked about due for replacing.

    Dark brown nylon might make good tying material!! :D
  13. I don't know if I got a belly button anymore...there's so much hair around it I haven't seen it in ages.....

    Hey, wait a minute....I could use my belly hair to tie Wulf patterns. And my nose hair would make great mayfly tails. Hell, I'm a walkin fly shop.

    Gotta be careful though...if word gets out I could end up living in a coop at Tom Whiting's, getting shorn twice a year, and my lovely locks hanging in ladie's hair.
  14. Officially too much information. Filter people...FILTER!
  15. Safety issue, dryer lint is flammable-- no smoking
  16. I thought this was gonna go a different direction
  17. Thought about & read about this years ago. Sadly my laundry fuzz is always purple.
  18. its spring, so we have an overstock of bernese mtn dog hair.
    50 bucks an ounce shipped. extra select 75. tail hair 150 (this is by far the best for winging on steelhead flies)
    any one remember what urine stained rams wool was used for ?
  19. Reckon I'd best sort my bachelor laundry more precisely to obtain preferred shades & blends. Dryer lint dubbing may have merit, however with a little spun dog hair for strength. Are there any olive-hued breeds?
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  20. Just remember that when you buy the lady a nice gift. Select garment colors to match the hatch. Size and shape are also important, but not
    nearly as much as the color of the fabric.

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