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    Went into Work & More to get some new bib coveralls ( My unofficial uniform for work) Carhartt has changed their sizing chart. No longer carrying anything longer than a 36" inseam. I have a 40" inseam and have had this same problem with jeans since I was 14. Don't know what I'm going to do now. Guess I'll have to take up sewing.

    Let me just say it again. I HATE SHORT PEOPLE!!!

    Vent over... For now.
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  3. jeff bandy Make my day

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    My theme song.
  4. jessejames Flyslinger

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    High water bib carharts are all the rage. I worked on inductrial jobs and all the cool guys would cut off their bibbies so they were at least a foot aff the floor.
    Come on Jeff get in the swing.
  5. jeff bandy Make my day

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    Bite me stumpy.
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  6. Rod Wittner Active Member

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    Maybe Carhartt has a custom shop...
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    There you go, I fixed it for you. Here you go:
  8. jeff bandy Make my day

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    Big & tall are code words for FAT! They carry nothing over a 36" inseam.
    Carhartt used to have longer sizes. I have four pairs of 40/40"s. All getting old and thread bare.
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    Short people's do suck, they are all a bunch of chip on their shoulders, Napoleon complex, sensitive and short tempered Iil pricks!

  10. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    Should've bought them all when you had a chance. A short person would have known the sizing risks and managed that buying more and more before they were gone.
  11. David Loy Senior Moment

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    So, your sayin short people are smart? er? Not!
    See any shorties elected? No.
  12. jeff bandy Make my day

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    Hey, you saying I'm some kind of politician? That is just wrong.
  13. Derek Young 2011 Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Guide Of The Year

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  14. troutpounder Active Member

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    its not about the length is about the girth
  15. jeff bandy Make my day

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    I don't see how me wearing chaps is going to do anything but fulfill one of your sexual fantasies.
    Is that what she told you? And you believed her?
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  16. Mark Yoshida Active Member

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    Buck up Jeff.
    If you we're a tall asian like me (29" inseam) I would recommend a Mawashi.
  17. Steve Call Active Member

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    Have you considered surgery to shorten each leg by 4"? It would open a whole new world of high fashion for you.
  18. Robert Engleheart Robert

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    Do like the Hippies did and put a bottom on them, preferably paisley..............
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  19. Krusty Active Member

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    You hate short people? So do I....was backing up my pickup at Home Depot and damned near hit a little person right behind the tailgate...absolutely couldn't see him through the rear or side mirrors.

    Suddenly there's an old midget right beside my door, screaming up at me (in front of my grandkids no less) in total rage. I tried to apologize but he just kept at it. I suppose it didn't help matters when I suggested he oughta wear a flag or a tall hat or something.

    Come to think of it, he was wearing a particularly well fitting pair of carhart bibs,
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    I hate whiny people!
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