I have a Sage BASS rod.....

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species' started by Chad Lewis, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. If you think flies outfish curly tailed plastic worms you haven't bass fished enough... I would love to go head to toe against a fly rodder with Berkeley power worms. Game set match.
  2. chad - texas has a different way of creating trophy largemouth fisheries than rainbow trout-happy california, but yes the trophy factor is always there!

    chuck - no ifs ands or buts about it. but there are times when worms do get out fished by other conventional methods, so there is a small window when you get in the with a fly. Although if there was a ton of money on the line, it would be nice to have 50lb fireline, a med-hvy baitcaster, and a 12:1 reel when you are hooked up in heavy cover.
  3. Couple 5 gal buckets and some aerators should do the trick :rofl:
  4. You can still soak a fly in anise oil just like the power worms :thumb:
  5. Fish bite and hold on longer

  6. I saw a show about the guys who caught that fish in socal. They caught her a few times and she was a hair under the record weight the first two. The last time they caught her she smashed the world record but was hooked in the assmouth so they didn't get the record. That fish was a freaking pig. It looked like it swallowed basketball. It was caught using plastic swim baits, If I am not mistaken.
  7. RIP Dottie.

    Chuckngear, I bought some curly-tailed plastic lures after I saw some bass bugs in a shop tied with the tails. Looked like a good idea. Could probably use scud back and accomplish the same thing. Scud back might even keep me in the good graces of some of my buddies, seeing as how it's an "approved" fly-tying material and all. Think I'll hold off on the anise oil until I get really desperate.
  8. LOL!

    I thought I knew all the hilarious bass names!

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